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  1. We know. All info we got was forwarded to the Czech police.
  2. He told me that he got around 5 offers that day and it slipped through his filter.
  3. There is a huge hack on dozens of European based YouTube channels. Unknown hacking group, supposedly based in Russia, is currently using stolen channels for promoting their bitcoin scam. Yesterday, a YouTuber called Roth Wellden received an advertising offer for their supposed streaming service called Gloom (which was later found to be a copy of another product called Remotr) with a link to their page and supposed license for their product. When he downloaded setup program for their "product" and tried to launch it, nothing happened. It was this moment when he realized that something was wrong, so he deleted that setup file. However, later that day he suddenly lost complete access to his channel with over 319 000 subscribers. Hackers were able to bypass two factor authentication and quickly gain full access to his account. About two hours later he found out that hackers even stole pictures of his ID card, which he had saved on his computer for authentication purposes. Roth Wellden regained access to his channel at 31st of December 2019. Update (2nd of January 2020): Hack in example mentioned above was probably executed via a malware hidden in the setup file Roth downloaded that stole cookies and session ID of his browser and created a backdoor to his computer, which hackers used to access his computer, stealing more data. YouTube at the time of writing this update reinstated most of the affected channels but the thread is still present so be aware of what email exactly are you opening as you should do all the time. It was later found out that this problem happened to multiple YouTube channels, all based in Europe. For example: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkprLUEGpaaeXXSN6fIeDg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Ew7ux-YFW5dynuymiU_xw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnppe64ZYf9r5r6kuR94PYQ As you can see, all affected channels are renamed to "Binance" or "Changpeng Zhao [Binance CEO CZ]", however Mr. Zhao said himself that he or his company are not involved in those attacks and attackers are using their names for malicious purposes. Some channels were later sold to other people to use for multitude of others cryptocurrency scams like in the case of the first channel listed above. Stolen channel being offered on Russian market Sources: (Disclaimer: articles are in Czech language) https://tn.nova.cz/clanek/ceskemu-youtuberovi-ukradli-ucet-s-310-tisici-lidmi-smazali-i-videa.html https://refresher.cz/78829-Ceskemu-youtuberovi-s-300-000-odberateli-ukradli-ucet-Jeho-kanal-ted-vysila-podvodny-stream-o-kryptomenach?fbclid=IwAR1Cox1UFCXEKUsr4n8GshDR4fqLJQVdY-IHPrkk1yZaIsGgJLWrSfkmljc&gdpr-accept=1 https://freebit.cz/uz-nejste-vlastnikem-kanalu-roth-wellden-krypto-scam-zasahl-youtubery/ Example of hacked channel. Example of email with said offer. Some people report that they had a link to GameGloom website which contained infected setup file they downloaded.