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  1. Ok so i just rebooted the pc. Everything seems to work fine now and the bios have been updated.
  2. Hi, I just built my first pc. I started everything for the first time and got in to the UEFI. No problem what so ever. So i decided to do a bios update which i had downloaded earlier today to a FAT32 USB 2.0 drive (latest bios) for my board ASUS X99-M WS/SE it went fine and said ”your system will now restart” or something. It restarted couple times, but then the screen went black and q-code is now showing A2 and nothing happens!?!? What do I do. I’m scared to do anything... Thanks
  3. I'm building a non RGB, non Gamery looking PC in a CaseLabs mercury s5. only have couple white leds on ram/gpu. I'll be very happy with it.
  4. I get quite a fine layer of dust buildup on my desk in a pretty short period of time, so I'm still a bit worried of dust in the PSU, especially since I'm not going to clean it out very often. I will have 2 140 mm fans in the front. The bottom one will blow fresh air directly in to the PSU shroud. Found a good image for reference: EDIT: Now that I look at the images I might not have as much clearance for the fan as I thought, if I go fan up... Hmm maybe I should just install it fan down and not worry so much about the dust?
  5. Problemet med det är att mitt chassi är aluminium, vilket inte är magnetiskt.
  6. Yes it's the one drawback of these cases imo, might look for an aftermarket one, but don't think they're their available in my country (Sweden) also I just want to start building tomorrow, so I don't really want to wait for the long shipping times just for a filter... I think I'm just going to skip it. The question is is it worth putting the PSU facing down and getting a bunch of dust in it (I am not willing to clean it now and then since that just seems like such a hassle) or should I just install it with fans up? I mean will there be any real noticable difference? EDIT: the rest of the case will be filtered.
  7. Connect PSU to a grounded outlet and Touch it to ground any STATIC ELECTRICITY and you're good. Make sure PSU is TURNED OFF.
  8. Alright, my PC will be on my desk, with plenty of space between desk and bottom of case, about an inch or so. I'm just worried about dust build up, since it was a rather pricey PSU, and I don't really want to have to clean it all the time. That said the fans do turn off when it goes down to a certain threshold, but I'm still worried and don't really know how much dust they tend to build up over time as the PSU on my current PC sits at the top back of the case and pulls air from the inside...
  9. I'm building a PC, but I can't decide whether to place the PSU with fans facing up or down? In my case I do have vents for the PSU, but no dust filter, So I feel like it may be best to place the fans up. But then I see a bunch of people who seem to think this is absolute blasphemy (kind of like not doing the "grain of rice" method when applying thermal paste, lol ) And I can understand that in certain cases, where the fans may be blocked by a PSU shroud, etc. There is a PSU shroud in my case, but I still have about two inches of clearance from the fans. The PSU shroud is not completely blocked either from the main compartment, but only goes about two thirds of the way before opening up to the main area of the case... Would it be fine performance wise to install it with fans up? What about positive vs negative air pressure? I have two 140 mm intake fans and one 120 mm exhaust, so I should be fine right? I can also just ramp up the speed of the intakes if negative pressure occurs. What do you think, fan up or down? Thanks.
  10. Samsung EVO, lätt. för 54 usd är det definitivt värt de extra 260 gig du får, (imo).
  11. Cool, OK, I'll just stick with a SATA SSD then. You just saved me some $, Thanks!
  12. I'm thinking of getting an m.2 x4 nvme as a boot drive, where I have my os, browser, some games and some programs but my motherboard only supports x2. Will the speed decrease be very noticeable for an average user like myself that's basically only using my pc for gaming and browsing? Will booting times be noticeably slower? Just for reference I'm currently rocking an i5 2300, a gtx 950, 8 gigs of ram and a 6 year old very slow and loud 500 GB hard drive, so I'm used to veeeeryyyy slow boots etc. LOL Will I be fine with this?