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  1. What kind of monitor will you be using for a build of this calibre anyway?
  2. It sure is, they must have had a lot of protection in there if that is the case. (Also, I'm liking the Logic profile picture, he has been one of my favourite rappers for years).
  3. Seems like a motherboard bundle to me, also confirmed this on their site with a similar product: Though it does say on that box 'BUILT EXCLUSIVELY' which could imply it is the whole build, but it could also mean the actual part list being designed for them, who knows?
  4. Oof ok, we do have a solder at home, recommend any good guides?
  5. Probably the Xbone, unless there is a large price difference between the two
  6. Acer Aspire V5 571P Laptop has been like this for a few months and I've had enough. The issue is the battery, it simply has 0 charge and won't charge, the charging LED flashes but very slowly, and it is the 'plugged in, not charging' issue. Sometimes the little changes the battery level bar to like 50% then 80% for about a second than goes back to 0%. It can only run off wall power, and sometimes when I turn on the laptop it says 'plugged in, charging' for a few seconds then reverts back to the 'not charging' state. I have tried cleaning the contacts and many online solutions too. Eventually, I replaced the battery with a genuine one I bought off eBay, turned on the laptop and... nope, the battery is on 15% (must have been shipped like that) and it isn't charging, the charging LED isn't flashing at all, when I take the power cord out the laptop shuts off, so it isn't running off the battery at all. Any help is appreciated.
  7. No need for the aftermarket cooler, good luck on the 3D printing. The build is completely fine, could be better with your budget but I don't blame you being in SA.
  8. GTX 970, R9 290/280, Just look used. If you can't find used deals, the 1050 Ti can still play basically every game at 1080p and some at 1440p with settings turned lower.
  9. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/kJM323/logitech-mouse-910004615
  10. R5 1600 = 200$ Mobo for it = 100$ 16GB of RAM for it 120$ cheap 250GB SSD = 80$ Wait, is the 750gb storage HDD or SSD?
  11. Sure get BitTorrent and uTorrent or whatever, but they are quite overrated. My favorite is BitComet, ads shouldn't get in the way and looks quite nice as well.
  12. Eh, not worth it, you're going to have to buy new RAM, Motherboard and the CPU.
  13. Depends on what the PC is being used for, if it is gaming, what GPU do you own?