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    Loud fan - resolution?

  2. Randian

    Loud fan - resolution?

    Oh, apologies. It's the CPU cooler fan. EDIT: The fan in the top left w/ the red box around it is the fan in question.
  3. Randian

    Loud fan - resolution?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for some insight on a hardware problem I am having. HARDWARE: I have the HP Omen Desktop. PROBLEM: Yesterday I decided to move my desktop tower around in my room. Setting it down I ran into an issue: one of the fans is extremely loud. I've joked to my roommates my desktop is preparing to fire itself into space. I have not had this issue before. The fan will become extremely loud even when I'm idling on the desktop. WHAT I'VE ATTEMPTED: I have attempted to do a full system restore to see if a setting was changed. It did not resolve the problem. I opened the desktop and blew out the dust. No resolution. I didn't bump my computer when I moved it, so I'm not sure if the fan somehow got moved around? WHAT I NEED HELP ON: I don't have any experience on these issues. Should I attempt to open the fan port and tighten screws? If that's how that works? I'm not too sure where to start, or if there's other things I can check. Thanks everyone!
  4. Randian

    Phantom program loading minimizes games

    Well, alright. Thanks to both Nimrodor & camohiddendj. Spot on. I half expected to come back in a few days or so and see an answer. But nope. You both replied same day w/ the answer to the problem that worked like a charm. That was extremely easy to do. Who would have thought: some random file by a major program was causing me all of these problems... You guys rock. Thank you!
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help on an ongoing issue I have had on my computer for about ~two weeks. Issue: While in-game (Starcraft, Battlefield, etc.) periodically every ~45 minutes, my game will minimize and I will see a popup of a screen load for a split second before closing itself out. It is too quick for me to pull up a control-alt-delete to see what program it might be. This is causing a lot of frustration for me as I sit back to play a game, and then with no explanation my game minimizes as a consequence of a mysterious program. I've attempted to hunt through the windows event viewer under application logs, but I am not showing anything (unless I am using it incorrectly, which is VERY possible). What I've done so far: I have ran anti-virus scanners, searched through events event viewer, ran crap cleaner and turned off non-essential startup services and I am still getting the issue. It seems most relevant to this topic: Though, I couldn't find a solid answer that worked for me in that topic. Solution I'm looking for: a) I want to know what program is causing this issue, and b) how to correct it. I am not a fan of having my game minimizing while I'm in the thick of it. Thanks everyone for any help/guidance!