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  1. It's passed 2/4 test still waiting it to finish, and no errors So what do you guys think? Motherboard or GPU as the memory seems to be ok at this point in time.
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply, just sorry for the late reply due to work ? I have been able to put my old video card in there, an R9 380X Windforce. No issues, I even put the second stick in, no issues. Now there are only two things that I am thinking are: The Vega64 is drawing to much power from the PCI-e or as soon as it gets stressed it shuts the system down ? but I am not sure which of the two it is. I am now running the MemTest 86 and will updateonce it goes through the whole 32Gb Thank's for your patience.
  3. An update. I have also changed the powersupply, just to get that out of the loop with the 750W sibling, but to no avail. As soon as the 3D Mark starts, about 1 min in, it shuts down, same symptom, direct power off, no BSOD, just powerdown, and the little leds left on the motherboard and graphics card. The only other thing I can try is changing the video card, but that's about it. Might get the MoBo replaced tomorrow and also check the ram too, if both sticks are dead or if one, and if those need replacing too. Any ideas are still welcome. p.s. Tomorrow means in about 12 hours, as this is my kids p.c. and needs it for his school assignments, and gaming ofcourse ?
  4. Hi, Can you please help out? I am going insane. I have recently purchased the following (details of issue to follw): Asus TUF B450 Plus Gaming (not M version) G Skill RipJaws V (F4-3200C16D-32GVK) 32GB Kit (16x2) RXVega64 Aerocool Project7 650W 80 PLUS Platinum RGB Modular Power Supply SSD: Samsung 860Evo 1TB (from previous pc prior to upgrade) HDD: 1x 3TB, 1x 4TB ------------- Edit: CPU Ryzen 5 2600, just incase someone asks. ------------- Issue: System just powers off while testing, hard shut down, will not turn on, unless I turn it off from the power supply wait for the power to drain and then turn back on, and then press the button to power up. Originally I thought it was a faulty stick of memory, since I did the trouble shooting, and found one of the two sticks failed. The system did work okay for a couple of days with an older GPU - R9 380X, symptoms appeared after upgrading to the Vega64 It would go through a portion of the test, aka 3DMark, with afterburner on, and then, nothing no electricity, except for the lights on the motherboard... Then after playing around with the RAM, I was able to isolate it to a single stick, and as Murphy would have it, it was the second stick. I got the pair replaced today, and it went through Heaven Benchmark 4.0, then, once I started up 3D Mark, and once again, it failed. I removed a single stick, 4th one, tested again, and it ran the whole thing. The ram runs at 2133 of which I did from the beginning this time once I installed the new pair, before I even booted to windows, and no overclocking the cpu, as I left that at 3400. So, I am now suspecting the motherboard. Now to my inquiry to you, have you encountered anything like this scenario before? What can it be? Thank you for your help and advice. I had populated the 2nd and 4th slots. p.s. I had updated the BIOS, that was one of the 1st things I did, and also the AMD drivers to the 18.50...
  5. Theoretically, YES, but its integrated GPU is nothing to write home about. I will be adding more links later tonight (AEST).
  6. Intel finally released their 16 Core CPU priced at $449 USD. This is a low power 32W CPU belonging to the Intel ATOM family line of CPU's. For more details you can read here: Announcement with general information, was released earlier in the year: C3000 series from Anandtech Updated article Information from extremetech Information from Hexus Currently, there are two motherboards that I was able to find. One from SuperMicro, and the other from Gigabyte. Please note, that the server division of Gigabyte is seperate from their consumer division. This news is now a week old. Will Linus make a video about its performance? Only time will tell. EDIT: Intel page. Some sites quote it as 32W while intel quote its as 31W. Base Speed: 2.0GHz No Turbo. Edit2: Review of the C3955 not the 3958
  7. Hi, You will need a motherboard that has that connector on it. There are way cheaper options if you do NOT require USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps and only need USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Formely USB 3.0) 5Gbps. Go on to Aliexpress, or browse other stores, as you can find USB 3.0/ 3.1 to USB C type. Hope that helps. At the moment, that cable can be ordered directly from Lian-Li or their re-sellers. Here in Australia, it is pre-order/ on demand only, and costs $80 Aud. Link is here: http://www.auspcmarket.com.au/lian-li-accessory-pw-ic01nh45-type-c-io-port/
  8. Hehe. I really needed to re-read it a couple of times We are not going back, copper was always there, it was the premium. Copper has a much better heat transfer rate than Aluminium, and Silver has about a 7% better transfer rate than Copper. Now, if only they went back to Silver... Pure Silver, no need for anti-bacterial agents et al. On the other hand, Carbon is even way better, but more expensive to work with and manufacture for a heatsink or AIO solution. One day... some day, they will make carbon made ones.
  9. No, there were more browsers, Netscape being one of hte better ones. They were also FREE. What IE did was BREAK INTERNATIONAL HTML Standards, being installed in the system, your average NON - TECHNICAL Joe Blow, would not know, create WEBPAGES with the included software and those webpages would be incompatable with other web browsers that FOLLOWED the HTML standards. There was also Opera... and a couple of other minor ones.
  10. Oh, and the follow-up to that video
  11. Lol, hehe. I didn't see anyone saying elsewise It is their reaction that "everyone" is annoyed with. I can see a huge similarity between the mobile phone wars and also how it was more than a decade ago... when there was competition. Now lets see if Intel will go back to their old selfs and undermine AMD and threaten their partners etc. That is one of the major reasons AMD lost traction due to Intels market penetration and using their weight to bully manufacturers around.
  12. My take on this is, is that other reviewers have done the exact same thing, gone on about Intel, similar to Linus, and the way that they rushed out their new platform with the upper/ higher core counts being added at the last minute and also for MoBo's having features that won't be able to be accessed without the appropriate CPU's. Personally, I remember the 775 platform when it came out, yeah that old thing, I got a low cost cpu, and in its end days I got a Q8400 and the mobo is an ASUS P5Q Deluxe. The motherboard features were not locked. Even on newer mobo’s of Intel, you get most of the things available to you that are NOT CPU bound. For my work pc, I got an AMD A88x with Raid 5. So, that would mean I would most likely have to pay way more, just to get that functionality enabled! I might as well buy a Raid card instead of pay Intel for the “Privilege”. They are trying now to become more like “Apple”, i.e. a “Closed Wall”. AMD seems to be like “Android” and Intel going the path of “Apple” for a closed system. No thanks Intel.
  13. Not to mention the NDA's too, so all websites reveal on a said date of product launch
  14. Actually the opposite I would say. Okay, sideways opposite? What I got from it, and from many other tech bloggers is this: Intel just reacted since they didn't have something ready, AMD comes out with a platform that has caught Intel unprepared. Not having a go at you, but “knee jerking” I find is your response. I see it as Intel’s “knee jerking” reaction. Reasons, as properly explained in video: · PCIe lanes, Stuck in a few generations old now for Intel platforms, not to mention that the very higher up will have more than 40 lanes… · Want to use extra features, that were previously in the chipset, i.e. Raid, must buy extra equipment, like going retro back to the 1980’s / 1990’s where you needed a dongle to use programs! · Use ONLY their OWN SSD! Need I go on? Am I an AMD Fan boy? No, I have both at home, an Intel and an AMD. One for work and the other for gaming. Neither are new either. BUT, it is widely perceived, anywhere you read, that it was a knee jerk reaction to AMD. Normally, when Intel announced a product, it was available shortly after, so why the delay now? Have multi-core processors been available previously? Sure, Xeon line exists for a reason, but on what platform is the question. Okay, end of Rant