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  1. I can't go into the bios, if I turn off the PC to get into the bios I lose the ability to use the monitor and I can't see what I'm doing
  2. And yes, the graphics card drivers are up to date
  3. Soooo, everytime I restart the computer/turn it off and back on, the computer will switch to the integrated graphics inseatd of the discrete ones. My laptop screen has been broken some time now, so I'm using an old hdmi monitor. Here's how it happened: I was discording while playing GTA V, accidentaly unplugged the Ethernet cable and the screen turned off, I assumed it was another random Windows crash but it wasn't, if I turned the pc back on the screen wouldn't show activity. I proceeded to restart over and over again and check every external component and concluded the problem was the laptop, not the screen nor the cable. I started a quest to blindly try to put the screen of my computer into another computer, the hdmi failed, team viewer failed, skype failed and discord failed. I ended up using Steam Link (so I could control my computer with my phone). After searching around, I found out the Gtx 1070 had an exclamation mark on the device manager tab, clicked in to see that "Code error 43" popped up. I disabled and renabled the card from there and everything seemed to work just fine, restarted the computer and it happened again, I had to go through the whole steamlink-devicemanager process another time I don't know whats happening with my card and I couldnt find any helping thread related to this, if you got any ideas, help would be very much appreciated The laptop: Alienware 15 R4 GTX 1070 i7 8750H 16GB DDR4
  4. The thing is: I don't want to move my whole OS from my SSHD to my SSD, but I learned that Memory Swapping can be changed to a custom drive... being it significantly faster on an ssd, should I change it or leave in the OS drive? Can it cause any problem having those on different drives?
  5. I've been with this mouse for over a year, and just recently it has started failing very weirdly. It's the Steelseries Rival 700 (I didn't buy it cuz of the percs, I swear I just like heavy mice). The problem with it is that the left click registration has started to misbehave. It sometimes registers two clicks instead of one, it can fail to detect a click, or it can even stop a long left click press while I'm playing (if I'm holding a nade in csgo it'll just randomly throw it for me). I have fear I'll have to open the mice, I have tried to do stuff I found searching like disconecting the mouse, clicking all the buttons for two minutes and reconecting it... and it just works for a really brief period of time, drivers are up to date and there's no much wear on the mice. If you know how to fix this thing or have any hint about how to do so, your help is very much appreciated (Sorry for my poor english)
  6. Javs

    Any easy idea?

    Oh could be, honestly, I grabbed the first thing I found at home. If changing the PCI slot is not possible, I'll go buy a metal specific file. Thank you!
  7. Javs

    Any easy idea?

    OMG that's so obvious. I'll check that out, thank you! PS: Feel so dumb right now, how did I not think of that
  8. Javs

    Any easy idea?

    It's like really really thick and short, like, it's in the range of not letting me plug anything and not letting me bend it (I can't pull out a "lever" effect on that tiny space)
  9. Javs

    Any easy idea?

    I think I won't be able to get one of those; and if I got one, I'd probably rip the case in half or something
  10. I bought my case like a year ago, and I've had this problem since the beggining, but I've never tried to fix it due to poor lazyness. The thing is there's like a ledge covering part of the top section of the Graphic Card's UI, I can't plug any cable but the DVI (because it's located on the lower section). I tried to polish it, it's made of some weird metal so I spent half an hour trying to rub this ledge off the worlds with no actual results (maybe I was doing it bad, dunno). Thank you! Case: Nox Hummer ZS White Video Card: Gigabyte 1050 Ti G1 Gaming
  11. Well, my "new" hybrid drive started to fail a lot, on the lines of not letting me get in Windows anymore. So I decided to plug in my older Hard Drive (which I changed because it started to become slower and slower). If only my new drive is plugged, I can access the BIOS perfectly, change settings and that stuff; but if I plug my older one, it doesn't work. It shows the UEFI logo (as always) and the guides that show what each key does (like F12 for accessing booting devices), however, if you press any key, it won't do anything, the screen will just stay there frozen. This results don't change if the new drive is plugged or not. I'm pretty lost here, I thought the BIOS was fully stored on the motherboard, but clearly plugging in the older drive bugs it somehow. Thank you for hour help! PS: I already tried to configure the older drive's SATA bay as one made for external drives.
  12. Hello everyone! I've been using a really low budget mouse for like 3 years and I thought I should change it, so my birthday is comeing soon and I can't decide whether to buy the Steelseries 310 or the Steelseries 700. I'm a palm grip user with hands 18,5 cm long and my old mouse weights around 135 grams. So, which one do you guys recommend me?
  13. Ty! Instead of doing weird things in old pins, looking at the image, I just turned the conector and move it two pins to the side, and it works!
  14. Which one where? (I'm noob at this, srry)