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  1. So I was digging around my case. I have a multi SATA power strip in it, but my GPU is in the way. Is it normal to have to take out the GPU?
  2. Thank you guys so much, its nice to know this is idiot proof, cause I don't trust myself
  3. The m.2 is down the line getting a normal sata 6 drive for now. Are all the sata spots on that board sata6?
  4. Thanks I always thought the sata ports were super small
  5. Hello guys, I have a quick question. So, I wanna get a SSD but I am super paranoid about installing stuff myself because if I break something I can't replace it easily. That being said..how hard is it to install a SSD. Few things, I have a 1tb WD black hard drive already in there Imma keep and I plan on adding a m.2 as a pure windows booter way down the line. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z270X-Ultra-Gaming-rev-10#kf Thats my mobo, any tips, videos, or how tos would be appreciated.
  6. In the very first post. The one I originally replied to, he stated is graphics card, not anything else.
  7. He didn't state that he had a Ryzen in the Op
  8. Is it enabled in the bios? It might be running off your integrated graphics?
  9. Yeah, gonna have to settle for for the GSP 300s now.
  10. Nah the Game Ones/ GSP 300s they were on sale for 40%/20% respectively
  11. Heya I was going to buy some Sennheiser headsets, but I missed the sell by like a hour. Is there a LTT promo code for a discount? I know that Sennheiser is one of the sponsors that LTT has worked with in the past.
  12. I have no interest in doing it myself, a friend of mine was cursing up a storm over the lack of availability of the cards. Is it illegal or is it working as intended?
  13. Like what is everyone buying out all the 1050s and 1060s, for etherium mining. What is Etherium and how do you mine it"?