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  1. hi vision_server is the service, can you help me?
  2. gta online, which still says nat type strict, but i opened the udp port in my router tried, i think this method doesnt work properly is there a good software or method to test if it is really open or not? ty
  3. Hi guys how s it going? Can you suggest a software to test if a udp port has been open correctly, please? Thanks
  4. hi thanks for your reply, here you can find the whole story https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/885632-return-merchandise-authorization-of-a-psu/ i bought it from a third-party seller on amazon, who doesn't give a damn about my problem and said to contact corsair. Then, because i felt scammed, i talked to amazon, complaining about the seller's behaviour, but amazon said after a certain amount of time they cannot do anything, then i replied to them with a new claim but again amazon said "we cannot help, we are aware you might not agree with our decision". In EU, there are 2 years of warranty. That's why i talked to the 3rd p seller to start with...but he doesn't care; Amazon , which should make sure things are done correctly, cannot help. In all of this I have a psu which sounds like a blender and now I find out about the shipment to the Netherlands...for a possible total of €94(70+24) to spend. You suggest me what I should do then, please? @Stefan Payne All i know is, this situation is NOT fair on me, at all.
  5. Hi everyone, I need an advice from some of you, who is an expert at modding and applying physical modifications to computer hardware, please. I contacted corsair to replace my faulty cx550m psu (very loud noise), they want me to send it to them but the problem is I have to send it to the Netherlands. The shipment will cost at least €20 from my country...just to let you know I payed €70 for this psu, so at least 30% of its original price would be wasted for a shipment, I think this is a bad idea, to be honest I thought there was a corsair branch in my country before opening the ticket at their support page. So i am thinking the following... I will buy a new fan from amazon or a better quality fan (this inside the cx550m has "Sleeve Fan Bearing Technology, 120mm") , open the psu with a screwdriver and change the faulty fan with a new one. Is this modification safe to do? please let me know. I know the capacitors will store some electricity inside them, i'm not worried about that; I would like to know from you experts at doing this, if this replacement of fan will damage the psu or if it is perfectly fine to do. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/cx-series-cx550m-550-watt-80-plus-bronze-certified-modular-atx-psu-na click on "tech specs" to know more details about it. I don't care if I void the warranty by opening it...at least 30% of the price will go towards a shipment, so it is not a big problem to add some more money for a new non-faulty psu. Thanks Regards Jerry
  6. Hi guys, how is it going? Some time ago i opened a topic here because I have a problem with my corsair cx550m https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/844165-weird-noise-from-new-psu/ in the meantime I tried to sort out the matter: I've contacted the third party seller (on amazon) I bought the psu from, but he doesnt care about my problem and doesnt want to give me a refund, and says he cannot help me, but of course he would say anything to avoid to refund me and spend money. Then I've contacted amazon, but they cannot help because they say I have no right to complain after 90 days from the date I bought the item. So, I live in europe and I know I have 2 years of warranty with this psu, for sure. So I will not let them fool me. I did not test the psu right away after it was shipped to me because I waited 3-4 months for my gpu, so I could not assemble the pc instantly. I need your help please, who do I have the right of warranty with? the third party seller on amazon or corsair (on the box of the psu I also can see "5 years warranty")? If the warranty is only with corsair, it would mean that I have to contact them in order to rma the psu, right? Given that I know this psu model has many units with this problem and given that I prefer not to have another unit with the same problem, I would prefer to have a refund rather than swapping mine for a new one. So if that is the case what's the best way to approach corsair? do I say that i want a refund for a faulty unit they made or... what exactly? Sorry but I have no experience in RMAing items. Of course I have an a4 paper from the 3rd party seller saying i bought the psu etc...so i have proof i payed for it and its date. Also, I have the box with the serial numbers, cables etc...I kept everything. I hope I explained the matter in a good way, I really would like to solve this situation. Thanks Regards
  7. Hi guys, how is it going? I own a psu and soon im gonna buy a evga g3 650w, so for a total of two psus. I will use the main psu to power the computer (plus a basic gpu) except the other gpus, and I will use the second psu to power only the gpus. The G3 comes with a "EVGA PSU Tester (24-Pin)" which I believe is this tool So, my idea is to switch the evga on and then my computer, so that I can use both psus at the same time. I would like to know if this is safe to do. Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I have a doubt about power supply units and maybe you guys can help me; What is the safe percentage load of a psu? I need to do some operations with my pc and I will keep it on 24/7...what is a safe percentage load to avoid the psu from catching fire or drastically reduce its lifespan or other bad things happening? I own a corsair cx550m 80 plus bronze and I want to add new components to my pc... Also, in your opinion, which are the top 3 brands for psu? Thanks Regards
  9. Hi guys, thanks... I have some updates but I'm also a bit confused. I have looked inside my psu both from the bottom where the fan is and from the back where the on off switch is. I pushed back some cables and cable ties I thought were possibly in the way of the fan. I turn my pc on and the noise was less loud than the first time ( uploaded here on the first post) and also after 10 minutes of hearing it the noise was no longer there. I took a deeper look in the psu and I pushed the cables a little more and also I spun the fan (with a thin piece of plastic) anticlock wise, so in the opposite direction of where it usually spins. I turn my pc on and for 2-3 days the noise was not there. Then I had to do some work on my case for other reasons and the next day I heard a little and light noise again, coming from the psu. I am confused. If the problem is the fan bearing is it normal that the noise stops and then starts again( also when I "touch" my case to do some modifications) randomly? If the problem is the fan bearing the noise should be there ALL the time ,right? I also took a look at the fan while the noise was there and while my pc was on, and there is nothing that touches the fan. I did not remove the psu(the only thing i did not try is to shake the psu but I dont know if it will solve the problem) from the case because Im going to ruin my cable managment...so I did all the above through my case ( I have hard floor so it's alright for the fan to face down), but I have been very careful to try to solve this, All I hear now ,sometimes, is a little noise but it seems that if I dont touch my case at all the noise disappears, i dont know. what do you guys think please? I hope I ve explained well my situation. Thanks Regards
  10. Hi guys, how is it going? I need to run my fans at full speed(rpm)... I own a case with pre-installed fans, the one in the back can be controlled from the BIOS and it is a 3-pin fan. The two fans in the front are 2-pin; so they only have 2 wires (each), I think one wire is ground and the other one is + DC voltage supply. They have a 4-pin Molex connector so I can only connect them directly to my psu. I found out all of this once I unpacked my case, I thought each fan was going to connect directly to my motherboard...anyway...so, I can run the fan in the back at full speed thanks to my BIOS, but I cannot measure or control the fans in the front so I did some research and I would like to know something please. Is it true that 2-pin fans which have a 4-pin Molex connector automatically run at full speed(rpm)? Thanks
  11. Hi and thanks for the replies. From amazon, through a seller (third party I think) who has 96% positive feedback based on 11000 reviews. I also bought my motherboard from them. I bought it on 23rd June, but I started to use it from only the beginning of September because in the meanwhile Ive been waiting for my rx 580. If there is something hitting the fan, is there something I can do to "fix" it please?
  12. Hi guys, how is it going? My power supply unit is making a weird noise with its fan. Can you please help me? Corsair CX550M, new, i've been using it for 2-3 weeks. Yesterday and today I have had a problem; 25 minutes after turning my pc on it starts to make a weird noise and it goes on and on. If I turn my pc off and then on again the noise continues. If i turn my pc off for 10 minutes and then i turn it on again the noise is no longer there. This "event" starts again after 25-30 mins of my pc being on. I have recorded and uploaded the noise. If you press play you can hear it https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwWXuFqDky1YcE9NZUhmOGQwNFE/view What can I do?
  13. Hi guys, how is it going? I own gigabyte ab350-gaming 3 and corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz ( CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 ) I updated the BIOS to version F8, but the speed of my ram is only 2133mhz. I enabled XMP, but it does not work. Is there a safe way to improve the speed to 3200mhz, please?
  14. hello guys im gonna build my pc soon...anyway, in the room where i will be doing that the power sockets are not near the table, so i will not be able to do the "psu method", unless i buy an extension cable. so instead...can i simply touch a piece of metal (maybe every 5 mins or so ) to get rid of static electricity? ive got a side panel of an old case (not the actual case i will be using for this build ); plus i ll be working on a table made of wood and the floor is made of stone. thanks have a good evening
  15. hey guys thanks for ur help. i know, ive been waiting for 2 months for Amazon to ship the rx 580 i ordered and now im sick of waiting plus im using a 15-years-old computer right now, very frustrating. so i ordered a msi gt 710 for €34 and now im gonna build my pc finally. when the rx 580 will be shipped (who knows when ._. ) i will switch gpu.