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  1. The Strix 1070 is £413 and the Aero 1080 is £419 after cashback. Would the 1080 be a better choice even when if it thermal throttles. Basically I prefer open air coolers but if the 1080 would still perform better I will get it. Thanks and sorry for how poorly written this is
  2. I messed up . I ordered the 1070 and then cancelled hoping to be able to buy the 1080 and it still come tomorrow. I didnt know the money can take 48 hours to go back into the bank so now i have ended up with no card for a few more days Thanks everyone for the help!
  3. Is it worth the extra £110, I only play at 1080p atm
  4. MSI Gaming X 1070 or Strix 1080. The 1070 is £415 and the Strix 1080 is £525 I dont know what to do please help
  5. The GTX 1070 Sea Hawk x is £400 right now which is the same price as the Strix and other MSI cards. Does anyone know if this card is worth buying over the others because they aren't that many reviews on it. Thanks