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  1. I have a 256 Crucial M4 SSD for fast booting and to store my favourite games. Media and other games are stored on a 1 TB Samsung HDD. I have an external 1 TB Seagate HDD attached to my router for backing up files =)
  2. Superb, thank you HTC and Linus and whoever else is involved =)
  3. I owned two Triggers. The first one had defective onboard drivers, windows never detected the keyboard properly and I had to return it. The second one died after one month, and smelled burnt out of the USB connector. I probably just had bad luck, but I would definitely recommend you get yourself a Ducky.
  4. Some stuff about PSUs. How to choose the correct wattage, what all these 80+ ratings mean etc. :)
  5. My fans run at about 300-400 RPM.