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  1. Hello. My samsung galaxy s4 recently stopped working and I need to buy a new phone but I'm having difficulty finding a good upgrade. I'm hesitant to buy a samsung phone because of the battery incident at least without hearing other peoples opinions first. I'm looking for a android phone, no smaller than the galaxy s4, preferably round edges, a removable battery and a decent battery life at least and doesn't have to be ultra thin. Price preferably under 400$.
  2. I'm just interested in what 0.dat is. I tried looking it up but I got mixed results.
  3. When I turned on my computer today after a thunderstorm (probably has nothing to do with the following) my anti-virus blocked a "rare" app called 0.dat. My anti-virus gave some information about it. It's data path is c:\users\(name)\appdata\local\nvidia\nvbackend\dao\ and then there is two folders which have 0.dat in them. My anti-virus also said; Reputation: unknown, Popularity: rare (I don't know how to translate this properly) and Destination: Suspicious:W32/Malware!DeepGuard.n. I don't really know how to react to this. The anti-virus said it blocked the app because it's not used usually. Any idea what this is? I use F-secure workstation security.
  4. I recently noticed that I'm starting to run into memory usage problems. I investigated a bit and found that memory compression uses a lot of my memory. I looked for memory compression fixes on youtube and found one video that said to disable superfetch on windows 10. I thought it would be better to ask for an opinion here. What is superfetch and does disabling it do anything/help me with my problem? Are there other solutions? I'm running windows 10, I have 16GB of DDR3 ram and I don't know if this matters but I'm using SSD for my system and HDD for storage.
  5. I bought Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 earphones 6 months ago. Now they are broken and I am really frustrated that the warranty doesn't the damage. I'm looking for earphones with similar or better sound quality, good durability, good bass and something within my budget. Something around or under 90€ (100$). I also prefer double flange ear tips but they are not necessary. Any suggestions?