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  1. I men't if he does not cover up the sawed off part while using the keyboard.
  2. Also if you exposes any metal peaces or wires you can get electrocuted if you accidentally touche them.
  3. RX 5600XT/RTX 2060/RTX 2060 super for low end 1440p and RX 5700 + is for mid/high end 1440p.
  4. Just get third gen thread ripper if u can afford it.
  5. The i7-6700 is the problem. He should have went with a R7-3700X. That would had gotten him better performance + support for ryzen 4th gen.
  6. At best I believe up 700 euros if pushing it.
  7. Did u try plugging your boot drive to another port or reinstalling windows?
  8. Dood. The R5-3600 does not have an i-gpu. So you will need to buy a gpu or get a 3400G or look at intels offerings. Edit: There is a psu tier list on this forum. Not sure if there is any ITX psu`s listed. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1116640-psu-tier-list-40/?tab=comments#comment-12990669
  9. For eg your old mobo driver. Or the drivers for the integrated gpu on the A8-7600. Don`t know for sure but when I swapped my mobo and cpu for new ones I did not uninstall any drivers and it was ok.