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  1. UPDATE: Situation seems to be resolved now. Not exactly the ending I wanted, but the video is down so I'm happy with that.
  2. That's practically what happened. Keep in mind that not only did he dox the seller, he asked his 84K subs to go harass the seller. His social media accounts were decimated, had to private them or disable comments. It turns out that the time period was closer to 1-2 weeks than 3, but even so. I personally wouldn't refund something after 4-5 days, unless given a very very good reason. Timmy may not have been able to easily test the board, but he could've at least taken it out of the box and seen that it was painted. He didn't.
  3. UPDATE: Timmy Joe has removed the offending video, but hasn't entirely taken the blame. He also blocked me on Twitter.
  4. As the title says, I'm not sure if this kind of 'drama' belongs in the tech news forum, so I thought I'd put it here first. Wanted to bring the situation to more peoples' attention. Another tech-tuber named Timmy Joe recently doxed someone who scammed him, and asked his followers to all go and harass the guy. I contacted the seller and it turns out he himself had been scammed and resold the part simply thinking it was incompatible. Timmy never stopped to ask about this, and simply started harassing the poor guy. I've made a video on the situation, hopefully I'm allowed to link it? I'll remove it if I'm not. Thanks.
  5. Pumps make more noticeable noise than silent fans do. I could go the full custom route, but I'm not sure if I want to dedicate that much time and effort to it.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm aware it'd be far easier to get quiet fans, but I'm still keen to try and go passive. HDD noise is a bridge that I can cross pretty easily when I get to it, so I'm not concerned about that. The Accelero S3 is too weak, yeah. I ordered a Raijintek Morpheus II, which has a 360W TDP (with two 120mm fans mounted) but according to a reddit post was able to keep a 980 Ti just below max temp with only case fans. The 980 Ti is a 250W card, whereas the 1070 is a 150W, so I thought it'd be worth a shot. CPU is gonna be a whole new issue. Most promising one I've found so far is the Raijintek Ereboss, but that one is also pretty dense so it might not passively cool well. I might have to give up the 5GHz dream.
  7. Yeah that's definitely a route I could go, closed cases are a big limiter. I'd have to find heatsinks that could actually take the heat in the first place though, which is what I'm stuck on right now. Not really obsessed enough to custom machine one lol.
  8. Not a big fan of the H500P's looks, and having fans defeats the purpose of going fanless. If I wanted silent fans I'd just buy a bunch of Noctuas or Silent Wings 3s and slap them on my CPU/GPU.
  9. Yeah the Meshify C wouldn't be the best pick for beefy heatsinks. Mainly considering it for the open mesh, cause I need some passive airflow. Silent Base 801 would fit every need perfectly except said airflow.
  10. Yeah I saw this video when it first came out, and the cooler didn't suuuuper impress me. It can keep an R7 1700 just below 80°C at stock sure, but that's a pretty efficient CPU that already runs at good temps. I'm pretty sure an overclocked 8086K would melt it. Not to mention it's hideous =P
  11. I'm planning to upgrade to an 8086K soon, and as I'm a bit of a silence freak I thought it could be cool to try and passively cool the entire system. No fans or moving parts anywhere in the build, besides the HDD of course. How feasible do you guys reckon this is? In an ideal world I'd have the 8086K at 5GHz across all cores, so I'd already need a delid to get good temps on most regular coolers. I'm currently considering the Scythe Ninja 5 heatsink, beefiest thing I've found so far. Maybe look for a specifically good binned chip and do some heavy undervolting? In terms of the GPU, I have a 1070 (Galax HOF) so the TDP exceeds the max of the Arctic Accelero S3. Maybe Accelero Xtreme IV or Scythe Setsugen with fans removed? Undervolting on this too most likely. Case would probably be a Meshify C, but I have been eyeing the SIlent Base 801, which I'm pretty sure would only add to my temperature troubles lol.
  12. In a month or so I plan to upgrade to an 8086K system (will be delidding and overclocking to 5GHz). I've decided on the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 for my case, cause silence is a pretty big deal for PCs imo. However, being a silent case, it inherently has pretty bad airflow. My original plan was to get a Dark Rock Pro 4, but would a 360mm AIO end up performing better in this case? Something like a H150i or Kraken X72?
  13. The latest drivers 'fixed' it, according to the people claiming it was nerfed. Honestly the whole thing feels like people mad at RTX pricing looking for even more ways to pin NVidia as a villain, it's getting quite tiring at this point.
  14. It's a bunch of bullshit claims that Pascal performance is lowered on the latest NVidia drivers, based on benchmark runs on current and older versions. I say bullshit because the results are within the margin of error, every single time. Hardware Unboxed made a great video on it, if you're interested.
  15. You purchased the Gaming X 11G. The card on the right is the Gaming 11G, with no X. MSI's step-down model. Don't be so hasty to jump to conclusions about what an evil corporation NVidia is.