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  1. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to Benjeh in Coolant truning transparent after 4 weeks   
    Yes. The particles have fallen out of suspension because the fluid isn't moving through the loop enough, the particles are getting stuck in restrictive parts of your loop.
  2. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to TheFlyingTraut in In need of advice for TV buying.   
    Stick with 7100
  3. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to WereCatf in How do Services that offer free trial deal with virtual Credit/Debit cards?   
    Some services place a small charge on the card, like, say, $0.10 -- the charge won't go through on fake cards, so they're denied service. If the charge does go through, they'll refund it immediately.
  4. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to wONKEyeYEs in What is the best pre-bilt gaming pc   
    That sir is an oxymoron.
  5. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to STRMfrmXMN in Panzer vs Meshify c   
    Trick question: there is no better case than the Meshify C.
  6. Funny
    Dreaper reacted to Rainbow Dash in Can I use WD 40 as my cooling liquid ??   
    Use Kool Aid, cause it probably looks Kooler.
  7. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to Twilight in Problem with Water Cooling my GPUs   
    quote people or else they won't get a reply. 
    @Dreaper @Firewrath9
  8. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to TVwazhere in Reasonably priced case for these rads?   
    From those two brands, The Define R6 should fit the 420 in the top as long as you're using low profile RAM and you're using either a full CPU+VRM block or low profile VRM heat sinks. The upcoming Evolv X also would hold all of that, but I would hold off until we get a thermals review, as the original Evolv ATX case was terrible for airflow.
  9. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo in Buy now or wait till Black Friday?   
    These won't be out any time soon. 
  10. Like
    Dreaper reacted to BuckGup in EVGA 19th Anniversary Thread   
    Today marks 19 years EVGA has been doing their thing. In an effort to give everyone the best chance at winning and an exclusive to LTT members whenever you find a scavenger hunt badge post the link below. I will share all the ones I find.
    Scavenger Hunt Links

  11. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to StandingPotato in EVGA 19th Anniversary Thread   
    Found these also for me.
  12. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to way2tall4u999 in EVGA 19th Anniversary Thread   
  13. Funny
    Dreaper reacted to Jtalk4456 in Extra Ticket   
    does it come with an airplane ticket and hotel reservation by chance?
  14. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to For Science! in 1k-2k pounds build   
    This doesn't leave much space for the 144 Hz monitor, so you could consider going down to a 1080. But in all seriousness, you should wait unless August to past just in case there is a new Nvidia card.
  15. Like
    Dreaper got a reaction from KenXeiko in Firecuda vs. WD Black vs. Barracuda/SSD Combo   
    Its used for games and videos. Ive had it for 3 years
  16. Agree
    Dreaper got a reaction from miriatheart in Used Amazon system   
    It sounds way too good to be true. Im guessing the third party vendor has done something to it. He should be ok if he bought it as amazon has really good customer service and even then he could cancel the charge. 
  17. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to iamdarkyoshi in Youtube app getting an incongito mode   
    The app is already so broken on my phone that my history has been empty since I got the damn thing. It has been updated and reset plenty.
    I'm tired of it recommending videos I've already watched multiple times.
    Google, fix the main part first please...
  18. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to imreloadin in Recommend me good motherboard AM4   
    Parts that you'll be getting for rest of the build? Do you have a GPU picked out already?
  19. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to LienusLateTips in How much is it worth!   
    700. That 32GB of RAM is worth $200-300 alone.
  20. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to Queen Chrysalis in How much is it worth!   
    Realistically 500 would be fair.  Retards on craigs list stuff like that for 1000 plus all the time so you might get lucky at 800.
  21. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to Crunchy Dragon in How much is it worth!   
    Maybe 500-600 USD.
  22. Informative
    Dreaper reacted to Firewrath9 in How much is it worth!   
    800, the  cou is 100, mobo 50, gpu 225, ram, 200, cooler, 30 and storage is 100 total. Case and psu 75 and win10
  23. Agree
    Dreaper reacted to genexis_x in xps15 keeps dropping to extremely low fps   
    Check temps and clocks. Might be thermal or VRM throttling (very common in XPS 15)
  24. Like
    Dreaper reacted to GFXTech in Hearts of Iron IV (Steam PC) giveaway (1DAY)   
    Just a friendly giveaway
  25. Like
    Dreaper reacted to W-L in What is the Power Consumption of a Phanteks Halos Lux Fan Frame   
    The standard SMD5050 LED chip uses around 0.24W, there are 18 in the 120mm version and 21 for the 140mm. So it would consume approx. 5.04W (0.42A @12V).