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  1. I just keep my pump on 100%, you don't have to i guess you could do something like 50-90% all the time to make sure just depends on the pump
  2. This has been an issue people have been facing with the new EK fluid, I would contact them to see if they will give you a refund or send you another bottle. IIRC they said color loss could be related to not cleaning the loop properly similar to the issues Vue had
  3. Yeah and I'm coming from a meh 1080p TV so anything is a upgrade really
  4. The TCL 6 was on sale for sub 600 at best buy so I bought that with a 2 year protection plan
  5. Alright, the 6 series is out of my range unless it drops below 600, I think I'll go with the Samsung unless Dolby vision is worth the possible pain of returning a TV
  6. Well if it doesn't work I can get a replacement cause it's faulty, also it's more like 100$ more with tax, do you think it's still worth it? And how is the 5 series compared to the 7000 series samsung
  7. After reading some reviews it seems the TCL TV has some pretty consistent vertical banding issues, do you know of this or do you think it's a rare thing.
  8. the Samsung one doesn't have Dolby vision right?
  9. Would you say the 6 series is worth the extra 50$ over the Samsung?
  10. Under 550$ is my hard budget. Also atm i really only use it for cable and sometimes I use my chromecast to stream youtube,Netflix, etc.
  11. I'm not going to be gaming on it, I'm open to bigger sizes if you think that would be a better option rather than the Samsung
  12. Do you think the 55UK7700PUD from LG is worth the extra 100$ over the Samsung?
  13. What about the viewing angles, the LG is IPS so it will have better angles, the area is wide and it will be in a corner, people would be looking at it from all different angles
  14. Hello, I am looking to buy a 4k tv at around 500$, I would like it to be 50inches+. The TV will be in a fairly open room with a large window so lots of sunlight during the day. Mostly watch sports and a few tv shows along with movies. So far I've looked at two TVs. Looking for advice on which one to pick, or feel free to suggest a totally different tv. The two TV's I am currently looking at Samsung UN55NU7100 and LG 55UK6300PUE.
  15. Type C isnt that important unless you want to charge your type c phone or transfer data etc. I would say get something with a 1050ti in at least
  16. With that laptop your looking at around 30fps in tomb raider which to me is unplayable but for some people its ok. If you want 60fps i would recommend a 1060 and 8th gen i5 possibly.
  17. Why not build a matx or mini itx system those are super small.
  18. I think you have a unrealistic point of what your going to get out of+/- 800$ laptops. You would be better off building a 900$ pc
  19. Yea they work fine but there are definitely advantages to hardware raid over software raid.
  20. I remember seeing Synergy as a LTT sponsor they do something like this i believe.