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  1. I have a Crosshair VI Hero x370 with the newest bios. What's wrong with the 3800x? Aside from the fact that it's just a 3700x with a slightly higher stock speed...
  2. Hello everyone. I currently have a Ryzen 1600 with 16gb 3000mhz ram and a 1080ti. I just got a new 21:9 ultrawide LG 144hz monitor. Previously was on a benq 144hz 1080p screen and this setup crushed every game, but now I'm starting to notice the FPS dips and input lag. Would upgrading my ryzen 1600 to a 3800X give me worthwhile frame rate improvements? I know getting a 2080 TI would definitely increase my FPS, but wanted to know getting a Ryzen 1600 to 3800X for 1440p gaming would be noticeable. Thanks!
  3. I know this is an old post. But I successfully booted my tomahawk with r5 on 1.0 bios with 1 stick of ram and only 1 monitor plugged in. I had issues with HDMI and DVI so I just used HDMI and it posted quickly.