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  1. ive only just realised id put silverstone not seasonic, i was hella drunk.
  2. Im putting a graphics card in my second pc which sits exactly next to my gaming pc, im going to put the gpu i just took out of my gaming pc and put it in my second pc for mates etc when they come round, however the psu is only 250w. In my gaming pc the PSU is 750w, so in theory if i run two pcie cables out of my gaming pc, and into my second pc to power the graphics card inside it? Is this possible? ive assumed so i just dont want anything to explode, and also ive guessed that both my gaming pc and my second pc would have to be running at the same time to get power through the supply.
  3. I reset my phone earlier this afternoon, and its locked me out, i know the email + password as i wrote it down, but for some reason it wont let me sign in. Im logged in on samsung account, and this is my only samsung device, im fucked arent i.
  4. 3 drive bays and ssd installation was a cunt, but that imo was the only downside.
  5. My MSI card on stock is barely hitting 50 degrees under what i put it under, could i maybe overclock it using afterburner, and has anyone got a guide
  6. The mousepad is soooooooo nice, its signed and its one of the best mousepads out there. ITS SMOOTH AF.
  7. My current rig currently does everything i need it to, and with some hidden gems in the price to performance department. My CPU & Cooler: Intel i7-2600k & Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo - 100gbp The reason for this purchase as it was a i7 @ 3.4ghz with potential to overclock for 75gbp. This was a present however and is currently running around 4-4.5 (im still overclocking it and finding things which just kill it. The cpu cooler i use is almost the cheapest you can get whilst still being able to overclock with solid results, I do have plans to replace the fans on my cooler, but i need to decide upon certain factors which will decide the one i buy. My GPU: MSI TwinFrozrr GTX 760 - 65gbp Its a gtx 760, I had originally intended to pickup a R9 270x but this was in stock and 5gbp cheaper. So that was what was purchased. CEX Purchase like my cpu. DOES NOT LIKE BEING OVERCLOCKED. My Motherboard: Gigabyte z77x-UD5H - 115gbp This is easily the most expensive part of this build, I couldn't any z68/z77 boards anywhere (even ebay), and then suddenly one turned up at a local computer shop, brand new 1155 board in 2018. My PSU: CX430 - 35gbp Works and keeps my PC powered, no issues and its lasted over 1 year. My RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 8gb + 4gb standard stick - 42gbp Bought the Corsair at the start of 2017 from a big box store, was cheap compared to now, i got it for 30gbp and the second stick was 12gbp. Its clocked to 1600mhz. Case Kolink Observatory - 63gbp One of the first in the UK to ever get this case, it looks like a Corsair 570x Crystal. RGB fans come included however are remote controlled. Cable management brilliant, comes with fan hub and everything you need. Keyboard + Mouse Fnatic Flick + Drevo TKL Keyboard TYRFING - 60gbp Mouse signed by KennyS + NBK and mousepad signed by many of the professional cs players. Decent keyboard (cherry mx reds) not rgb. Mouse is really nice, nice size, grip and glide. Audio Logitech G430 - 45gbp Good base, they actually sound better in music, however still do perform quite well in games. Mics very MEH, sometimes drops and has lost tension.
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/SilverStone-SST-PP05-Short-Strider-modular/dp/B00HVKMMPS/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1520551887&sr=1-1&keywords=Silverstone+short+cable This is a option and its around 25gbp so $30.
  9. and how sjhort are we talking because alot of the time its hard to find super short ones because of the cable management space behind most cases
  10. I personally wouldnt risk that as you run the risk of it not being super well built and shorting out the pins on your psu or mobo and causing a complete and utter disaster.