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  1. No referral link for Ruggable in forum/FP descriptions! @nicklmg
  2. A while ago I had the bad idea of formatting the RAID 1 of My Book Duo as exFAT. Since then I’ve populated the hard drives almost by 70%, and now exFAT is giving me sometimes headaches, leading me to seek for reformatting the unit with a journaled filesystem. I unfortunately do not have any hard drive to use as second leg so I was looking to exploit disk redundancy of raid but I’m not sure on how to handle the process, as I want not to break the raid. What’s the proper way to do it? 1- remove one of the two disks 2- mount it alone to check if data is readable 3- keep it as data source drive 4- mount old drive. this will be a degraded raid drive. 5- wipe and format disk 2 (the one still inside my external device) to a journaled filesystem 6- move data on the freshly formatted drive (disk 1 or source --> disk 2) 8- rebuild the raid from disk 2 onto the Am I missing something? Since RAID is managed by the box, do I need to take care of RAID meta? Thanks
  3. .. And it's not a phone, nor a chase nor a delidded CPU. anyhow.. @LinusTech she's hot AF
  4. Actually didn't know about these containers. Will definetly check them asap. Last clue to me: FFq broke my bookmarking managment, Xmarks, between multiple browsers. Damn the devs of the app not keeping up w/ browser
  5. Ciao Luke,

    floatplaner from Italy. Great work on the platform and big thumbs up for all the LTT stuff around during this months.
    Hope the plane manages to get resumable video soon. Sorry to bother, but as I hurry up to play video in preview, when I go comment, forgetting that I need to remember timing, it kinda sucks..


    Hope this feedback didn't came to many times...


    Good to see you back in SYW!