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  1. It's not just Google, it's happening across Silicon Valley. My mother works for a county a hospital (not gonna say the name) and top executives are just bailing left and right. It's gotten so political that people have forgotten that at the end of the day, this hospital is still a business. Despite all of its write offs and government subsidies, there is a lot of fraudulent behavior happening due to political standing about immigration and whatnot that is hurting this hospital. The people being replaced are incompetent and are only being hired for political reasons too. It's a sinking ship and very sad to see this type of behavior being practiced. Anyway, I hope Silicon Valley has a reset. Too many dumb people playing dumb politics.
  2. Never really liked 8chan, always preferred 4chan 8chan has a different culture than 4chan and tend to have people spouting their real opinions than just LARPing.
  3. Cyberpunk is real. I need this to cure my depression or give me some sort of digital high.
  4. I would put your mother's couches on craigslist and tell them that we got robbed.
  5. Imagine losing 20TB of data.... filled with your greatest porn collection.
  6. Riot games needs to fire the SJWs. They're such a liability to companies.
  7. Open up a random page inside of a dictionary. That's your new password now. Now add some numbers and symbols to it.
  8. They should remove mandatory or automatic updates and bring back it back to the way it was for W7.
  9. I'm not even sure how you make this mistake.
  10. 1990s-2000s: Don't talk to strangers online or give out your real information 2010s-2020s: Put all your information on social media. Just because an app says it's for kids does not mean you should rely on that app to babysit your child.
  11. Mine is way more than 8 characters.
  12. That depends, does your router even have such a feature? Different brands do it differently. I know with Netgear you can prioritize certain devices to have more bandwidth shared to them.