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  1. I am currently looking for a cheap color accurate display that would double as a second monitor for office work. The reason I am thinking I need a color accurate display is to help for picking paint colors prior to going to the store for samples. Please let me know any suggestions for monitors.
  2. How do I make files in Amazon Drive download to my phone?
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a cloud based system for file storage. It can be a personal cloud or a cloud with a provider to house a bunch of files for work. I would like to have access to them from both a windows desktop environment and ios. I have been using Drop Box in the past. It has served me well, however there are situations when my phone does not have internet access and I unable to access my files. I am looking for a solution that will sync all of my files to my phone. I could with Drop Box select every file for "offline mode" however you have to select them individually and I have roughly 11,000 files totaling 45GB. Also when I add new files I would have to select them for offline mode. Does anyone know of a good solution? Thanks in advance for your help! -Qwertyfrozen