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  1. Yeah - that's what I mean on the hotel prices. Maybe I'll just go byoc and rest my head on my laptop
  2. That's playing into it for me too - wouldn't just want to go for the two days, been looking at the option of air bnb, or to be out a bit from location and get car hire or public transport in. It's definitely a high financial commitment to go!
  3. Anyone going from the UK or been before? Im from the North West, I'm considering going to LTX2020, but I was wondering what sort of prices people have managed to get so far - or paid last year? They seem quite expensive - I realise Vancouver is expensive in general, but maybe it is more of a time of year thing this time,as other times of year seem much much cheaper! I'm just looking to gauge it before I commit!
  4. For the VIP tickets, maybe not first come first served - open them up for a kind of raffle where you pay if you are successful, and if no payment within X days - then redraw.