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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    Gigabyte B350 ITX
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    AMD HD 7950
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    Fractal Design Define Nano WINDOW
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    128GB SSD | 2TB HDD
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    650watt form seasinic
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    2x Philips 272S
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    Sharkoon Skiller mech blue
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    Sharkoon drakona
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    Kingston Cloud 2
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    WINDOWS 10

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    Programing, binary , Linux , Kernel , Old computers , Fix pc problems , quantum physics <-- yes that's true and fascinating.
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    ICT Beheer medewerker

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  1. MSI app player can I download it?

    If its in the playstore than yes.
  2. MSI app player can I download it?

    non of tham its a VM or emulating something so the wont see that you're running a beast machine and google can't give two shits any wee
  3. MSI app player can I download it?

    blue stack is the msi app player.
  4. pc upgrade dilemma

    why ask here and not on tweakers ? Als ik jouw was zou ik alleen voor een gpu gaan als je dat echt nodig hebt die I5 is nog niet echt een bottleneck. en trouwens een 1060 is nog sterk genoeg voor de laaste games.... ik zit hier nog met een HD 7950
  5. what are you gone use the pc for ? if just gaming a 8600K + Z370 motherbord. else ?
  6. My personal opinion about The Crew 2

    Yes and no, i think i did type it well. I meant do you really think the show the entire game right before reals. Like story all the cars and all upgrades ? pure game play (how cars drive graphs yes ) but their it ends. Also a weekend of playing is not anting (in my opinion) for a review
  7. My personal opinion about The Crew 2

    How can you review a beta ? the game is not even out yet. yes yes it wil not be chance much but still. the gave you a the underlying cake. their are still layers that you havent tried. AND FUCK YOU UBSOFT FOR AVX SUPPORT ! 0/10
  8. Yes. it wil make the pic "look better" or "sharper"
  9. Best build for 4K Gaming?

    NO ssd ? GET A SSD
  10. any good computer desks you could reccomand me

    Gonna build it tomorrow remind my tomorrow
  11. any good computer desks you could reccomand me

    I gone build a MALM desk and BEKANT i think the malm deskt wult be beter.
  12. $250 dollars with 6th gen?

    Lol thats realy DDR 3. But if you you're gone flip it its not worf it. Not a goodprice DDR 3 NOT 4 !
  13. opteron madness

    Sounds a bit like this
  14. opteron madness

    Did you try the old cpu's again ? Didt you look at the socket ? Sometimes when lga pins get damage rem won't get detected. or wont boot ect (just to make sure)