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    Sweetleek-ops (I was a consol plab now im PCMR)
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    Programing, binary , Linux , Kernel , Old computers , Fix pc problems , quantum physics <-- yes that's true and fascinating.
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    ICT Beheer medewerker


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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    Gigabyte B350 ITX
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    AMD HD 7950
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    Fractal Design Define Nano WINDOW
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    128GB SSD | 2TB HDD
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    650watt form seasinic
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    2x Philips 272S
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    Sharkoon Skiller mech blue
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    Sharkoon drakona
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    Kingston Cloud 2
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    WINDOWS 10

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  1. You need a special motherboard. E5-4650 are socket 2011 but require a special chipset. E5-1xxx and E5-2xxx wil be able to fit. its only a 8 core 16 Thread cpu so maby look for a 2670 ? For those 4650 your gone jump in a rabbelt hole that you me not come out of.
  2. wel how is it configert ? with ram slots is it in ? Also task manger needs to show 1500Mhz cas every dim is running @ 1500 but with dual channel it dubbels to 3000 if that makes sens.
  3. How to lose data 101.... Jo wont realy se a perfomance upgrade form NVMe to sata ssd in day to day use.
  4. those top 6 tings are you intake and the middel back booster is your exoste
  5. with the os...... or els it wont boot What do you one run esxi or a linux distro with VMware or some somting like that ?
  6. Review of the "BTO X.Book 15CL872" aka Tongfang GK5CN6Z, review is in ducht but has eng supps
  7. @CPotter is their a ather float plane video coming today ? need more linus
  8. Its oke for the price and will cool you're pc just fine. Also why no secend gen ryzen ?
  9. Such a tread to read truw @zombienerd Thats the wee to go for sure. Also how old are you because if you need permission to play games maby wait until your older ?
  10. Yes it wil work how ever i wilt highly sugest and upgrade to a 4800MQ or 4702MQ. As the MX chips are really expensive.
  11. Realy ? because i ask one of my cheaters and the that "yes but its wee more open than see apples version, it only needs promison". Ill shal be correctet
  12. I think you can better build a website with JS. If its for personal use. you just go to the link and boom done and its free and you can get startert (if your new) here https://w3schools.com And the reson apple is so surcere compert to Windows and Andriod. So the sad answer is no