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    Programing, binary , Linux , Kernel , Old computers , Fix pc problems , quantum physics <-- yes that's true and fascinating.
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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    Gigabyte B350 ITX
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    Fractal Design Define Nano WINDOW
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    128GB SSD | 2TB HDD
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    650watt form seasinic
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    2x Philips 272S
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    Sharkoon Skiller mech blue
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    Sharkoon drakona
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    Kingston Cloud 2
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    WINDOWS 10

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  1. For that price No, at least not that i know off. if you want somting cheaper that gets the job don but lak any type of perormance will run office and netflix but will struggel whit any thing more. 160 USD https://www.amazon.com/HP-Flagship-Bluetooth-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B06Y5FGSKT/ref=sr_1_9?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1534467093&sr=1-9&keywords=hp+laptop&refinements=p_89%3AHP
  2. vhjlasfbjkasdvhjascffvghjklsdfghjiksdcvgjklsdfvghjkldfslgkjsdfklgjsdfgkjsdfjklgsdfjklgsdfagjkl bla bla. I will rescapt your pain. but i dont want to support a company that fucks over its comstereurs every single time the realse a new product.
  3. Ye just a example somting that come up. I dont now sager, but the laptop comes form a comppany calt "clevo" and the make "nameles" laptops so brands like "sager" or here in the netherlands "BTO". price performance they are great but lak build quality. Or you have to go for the full metal version. @DrMacintosh No **** you wult say that... its all in the name
  4. Wait you sad you had a VGA kabel why dont reuse it ?
  5. HELP! Recovering data from my dead hdd.

    leave the sate power on the HDD so its spins and powers on and reconnect the data kabel wen in windows. Als why das it read bevore the HDD and SSD wen booting ? normal it wilt only read form the SSD until windows is fully loaded
  6. HELP! Recovering data from my dead hdd.

    You can reconnect the HDD wen in windows (just make sure it has power before booting) and reconnect sata wen your on the windows desktop. But thas it boot wen only a singel ssd connectet ? I don't recommend this to do normally do.
  7. can you try and run on the IGPU form the motherbord ? Pull out the gpu, rest cmos, boot using the IGPU form the motherbord
  8. HELP! Recovering data from my dead hdd.

    The HDD is not the main boot drive the SSD is. "slave drive" how old ar you thats before i was born and im 20 Just install windows on the SSD it will be fine trust my.
  9. No POST after pci wifi card installation

    Das the psu klick or make some type of nose wen it reboots / wen it truns off ?
  10. HELP! Recovering data from my dead hdd.

    Good than its a REALYYY big chance that you wil recuva the data... ok ill stop know.
  11. whare you from ? Look for i7-8750H those are 6/12 threads non of that wosssy 4/8 c/t also maby hold out on buying 32GB. prices of Dram will drop soon so you can get it cheaper. Get 16GB and upgrade later to 32GB or even 64GB https://www.amazon.com/NP8954-Display-i7-8750H-FireCuda-Windows/dp/B07D5MQ6RC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1534465106&sr=8-3&keywords=8750H+32GB+1070
  12. Das it show the bios screen ? and thas you monitor trun on ?
  13. HELP! Recovering data from my dead hdd.

    You can use recuva it saved my bacon and its free https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva 1. Install windows on the SSD (and wait til its done) 2. format the HDD to NTFS 3. Run the program 4. may take some time 5. recuva.... the inportant stuff the the ssd first
  14. Installing Windows 10 64 bit from 32bit

    you can just upgrade bit version is not like upgrade form home to pro. some parts of the OS needs to be over ritten also its about 5GB bigger than 32bit windows if its attive you can just make boote bool usb with media creaton tool. and install (make sure you made a back of all the importent stuff ) also how mucht ram is installed if you dont have more than 4GB its not wurf it becas 64bit will use more ram even wen ideling