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  1. I ordered the swacket and a 3 pack of underwear 2 weeks ago. But when the package came in They sent a ltt logo shirt instead of the swacket. I know this isnt their customer support, but Ive been trying to email the merchandise support email for the past couple of days, but i have got no reply. Im trying on here so hopefully someone on the ltt staff sees this and sends it to who it needs to go to. On the bright side though the underwear is super comfy
  2. I really hope the vod stays up on floatplane, I really enjoyed this. I was expecting something fairly cringey but holy crap that was brutal nobody held back. It really felt like something you would see on comedy central. Amazing work I really enjoyed it!
  3. What is the thickness of the rad? is it as thick as an h100i or is it the thickness of a normal rad or a h80i because in benchmarks comparing the h100i and the h80i the h80i outpreforms the h100i due to its thicker rad. I am working on a powerful gaming rig with the bitfenix prodigy and I am trying to figure out what I should buy.