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  1. I eject CMOS battery about in 1 hour and have some umbiguous result. When i turn on power LED begin blinking and cpu fan not working. Various action with power button (hold an other) not give result. I attach small video please see that. Thank you in advance VID_20170526_121556.mp4 UPD: i eject battery (because i can't shutdown this) and insert again. After this i try power on but laptop not start and power LED not blinking
  2. Thanks for the answer! I'll try it and repoting later Hi! Unfortunately, I did not think of it ... I found out about it later
  3. Hello. I'm having some problems updating the ThinkPad t420. By default I have i5-2520m. After changing to i5-3210m, the notebook does not turn on. After that, I install my old i5-2520m, but it also does not turn on! Later I learned that before the upgrade you need some manipulations in the BIOS, but it was already late ... Thank you in advance Best regard, Boris