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  1. Karbzee

    New router?

    Any suggestions? Dual band, AC? 750? 1200? Any particular brands to steer clear of?
  2. Karbzee

    New router?

    No coax ran through the house, im 99% sure we don't use it over here. I'm semi-limited where i can actually place the router, only way i can put it else where is by running a longer ethernet cable as its tapped straight into the fiber junction box on the wall. Had wireless extenders, but gave them to a mate as i didnt need them. Also discovered overtime the signal distance my router can output has decreased. Used to get sufficent signal like 20+ metres away from the router, its also only a 2.4ghz router. I should mention as well
  3. Karbzee

    New router?

    I agree with you there, but would the type of router make a difference with wireless signal and speed 300n vs 750ac etc?
  4. Karbzee

    New router?

    I call bluff there, about 3 months I ago i was able to get 70/40 over wireless, and its just been over the past 2 months where it has become a struggle. Most older houses and/or appartments are made from concrete although the house im in is made out of bricks, with gyprock inside. Even sitting 1 metre away from the AP speeds are crap overnight
  5. Karbzee

    New router?

    So I forgot to mention I am from Australia, I get my internet done via a semi-local company that trade under the name "Southern Phone" they aren't the best ISP we could be with but I live with my mother and she cannot be convinced to go else where. They offer fiber plans (NBN) in Australia with speed tiers ranging from 12/25 to 100/40, we have the 100/40 speed which is only achieved over LAN. Even though we are the rare percentage that got a fiber connection directly to the house (fttp). The router that is currently in use as a TP-Link TD-W8970 "capable" of 300mbps
  6. Karbzee

    New router?

    Hi everyone, I'm just looking if anyone can give advice on why i would get such horrid speeds over wireless at night where i struggle to load a 144p video on YT. During the day over LAN i get 100mbps download and 40mbps upload. Wireless i get 20/30 during the day where it should be 100/40, and over night it is so unstable i get "internet is unavailable" Getting real sick of paying for internet speeds i rarely get over wireless. Thanks, Karbzee
  7. Karbzee

    LG Q6

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if by any chance anyone would be able to shed information regarding the display on my phone, I’ve purchased an LG Q6 around 1 month ago (released in August 31st Australia) and I am intrigued but also confused at what kind of screen/resolution it is actually running at. According to multiple sources, it’s got an 18:9 aspect ratio, and a resolution of 1080x2160. I’ve never actually seen a phone with this resolution before, I’m leaning towards the display being 1080 FHD, but what’s the 2160? Is that 2k? 2.5k? What is the “resolution” of the display? Any help or information about this kind of display would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Karbzee.
  8. So I just upgraded my Ethernet cables from cat4 to cat6, improved the ping just nothing else.
  9. Have they stopped distributing FTTP? It seems like the majority of people getting connected to the NBN nowadays only have the option of doing FTTN.
  10. *computer is 17 months old* This test was done via a wired connection - Ethernet This bottom test was done of a wireless connection - WiFi
  11. Hey guys, So at the moment I am on a FTTP connection, and I should have a downstream rate of 100/Mbps and a upstream rate of 40/Mbps but at the moment I am barely getting close to the 100, and just reaching the 40 of the upstream rates. Does anyone have any tips of getting the maximum available out of my connection? I've come to the conclusion it may be my router throttling the connection but am unsure as I don't have a upgraded router to test this theory with. The only reason I believe it's the router, is because when I plug directly into the NTD (fiber junction) inside my house I get the full speeds available. Could anyone shed some light, on upgrades I could do? Current Router: TP-Link TD-W8970