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  1. Well first you need to understand that every time you introduce an adapter you introduce another point of failure. Second, sodimm is slower than most regular memory, often has different voltages, and generally something like this would require a lot of tinkering to get running. But even then, I don't believe it would ever really be stable. I don't really understand how this could be worth the headache.
  2. Whichever one you need. Installing a bunch of distro's just because you have room is just giving yourself a part time job.
  3. awesome. If this is for your fathers multimedia build, you might consider ubuntu studio. It would be a bit less resource intensive and a bit more user friendly. https://ubuntustudio.org/
  4. lemme take a look, I have not used virtual box in a few years. Have you tried changing the resolution inside the distro?
  5. Ya, there are some area's where vmware is just better. It sounds like you need to install virtualbox-guest-utils and virtualbox-guest-dkms.
  6. yup, right control + f on virtual box Edit, you should be warned that distro is coming right along and is chock full of eye candy, but it always runs like crap in a vm. It is just too resource intensive unless you have beefed up that vm.
  7. I disagree with the government in this case. Walmart is one of, if not the largest IT employer in the world.
  8. Ya, I have put a number of 1030's in computers at work and they have been great even with only 2gb vram. It's why I don't understand the hate on an AMD competitor with 3gb of ram. The competition can only be a good thing imo.
  9. But in order for it to be a monopoly, it would have to also be the only walled garden would it not? There is 5 or 6 of these gardens you can be in, often simultaneously. I cannot find anything comparative to this. Like what? I am not trying to be super pro apple, I am just curious.
  10. I think it's great as we are not really starving for high end cards. What we need are more capable and power efficient low end cards, especially for laptops and low end desktops. I also don't really understand the hate on the 3gb vram. I can put this is my nieces computer and she could watch netflix, play facebook games, and do her school work with no trouble whatsoever. The truth is something like 98% of the pc user base wont ever even max out an onboard intel...
  11. No, as others here have said, the thermal paste on the cpu/gpu is supposed to be replaced every 2 or so years. I am betting you have never replaced it. Op, you have gone 100,000 miles without changing the oil...
  12. Op, as several have said here, there is no meaningful difference between ubuntu server and ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu server is just the desktop with all the superfluous apps and the gui stripped out. You either need to install ubuntu desktop and uninstall all the unnecessary software, or install ubuntu server and install the gui. That really is all there is to it.
  13. Linux is not 'better' than windows. It has strengths in some places windows is weak and weak in some places where windows is strong. There are four main reasons for you to be on linux, IMO. You are a developer and don't want to deal with the headaches of windows. Linux is simply waaay better for a developer if just for the stability alone. You want more control of your own system. Linux will give you complete control of everything, for better or worse. You need a server are you are setting up a remote box for that purpose, this is where most linux boxes are in actuality. You need to learn Linux for IT/job purposes (servers, development environments, etc) in which case jumping in with both feet would be my recommendation. That laptop will struggle to push a robust vm, but you can easily download virtual box and play around with a few distro's to see what you like. Fedora is typically the goto for developers as CentOS and RedHat are what the commercial companies use, but all three of those use Wayland which isn't compatibly with Nvidia cards without a lot of tinkering and hoops. Even then it is often up to chance. I typically recommend Mint / Ubuntu for someone just getting started. I ran MX linux for many years on my desktop, but I don't recommend it for laptops, especially if you need to it actually be a laptop because it typically has terrible battery optimization. If you want to run Linux and still game, I HIGHLY recommend you delete windows from your computer all together and go with an ubuntu/mint derivative and just use a shadow service, or similar. POP_OS can be great if your games are mostly supported by Linux, but the truth is Nvidia puts almost no effort into linux drivers, and that is even more true for their mobile drivers.