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    Dr-Eye #2454

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    Dodgie Ass Etherum mine
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    i have all the good GPU's cos i am a miner
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    TUF mark II
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    16GB RGB DDR4
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    Entho Evolve ATX Temperd glass
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    500GB crucial ssds
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    1000w EVGA T2
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    ACER Preditor
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    corsair H80i
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    Razer oruborus
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    Samsung Earbuds
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    UNRAID / win10 / ubuntu server

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  1. Yeah same here I watched the ultimate water-cooled pc guide and a few mints later I built my first pc
  2. if you open up task manager go in to performance then CPU and right click on graph and click change graph to then logical processors. you can see it your self
  3. the system automatically balances the application on different cores. some apps use multiple cores and some ca noly use one. either way all of your cores are used in most applications. games on the other hand are often not coded to be able to run on more thatn a few cores. although newer titles are coded to run on multiple cores. the bottem line is that all your cores are used and you do not need to worry about anytihg
  4. 1. buy a cheap PC with a 8x PCIE and a 1x PCIE 2 buy a raid card of ebay 3 buy a 1port gigabit nic of amazon 4 download freenas 5 buy a usb 6 lots of HDDS (as many as you want) 7 enjoy the same nas i have. never had a problem
  5. tried 4... none worked being detected in bios but not as video card.
  6. Hello, I have a miner with 16 RX$480's that has been down for a week now. have spent all day everyday trying to fix it but cant spend any more time on it. the miner no longer boots in to OS with any gpus plunged in to the motherboard it gets to the windows loading screen then freezes. tried different ram, SSD sata cable psu and many different installs of windows and various flavors of Linux including eth os. even with no gpus the system is not stable. do you think that it is cpu and mobo or only cpu or mobo.
  7. yes. just turn the miner off and unplug it.
  8. Lenovo x1 carbon gen 6 got 2 thunderbolt 3 ports with 4 lanes each wanted to use in my setup so I could have all my games on my 10G Nas and play them on my setup with a 1080 so I just wanted to ask if it would break my laptop seeing as the akitio nodes supply power to the laptop. Just don't want to blow up my laptop. Or do I need to buy one of those dedicated thunderbolt 3 10G nics like this one https://www.amazon.com/Sonnet-Technologies-Thunderbolt-10GBASE-T-SOLO10G-TB3/dp/B07BZRK8R8/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1530236830&sr=8-2-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=10G+thunderbolt+ethernet&psc=1
  9. Recently bought a new laptop with 2 thunderbolt 3 ports both of them capable of 4 lanes pcie. Was wondering if I could use 2 enclosures one to hold a 1080 and another one for a 10G nic. I have the akitio node pro for my 1080 and was looking to get the akito node lite for the 10G nic as I allready have one.
  10. Be aware my XPS 15 had 7 motherboards 8 dimm replacements 2 screens and an SSD in less than a year. (All faulty parts given to me for factory) be aware of this before you buy
  11. UPDATE: the new mobo was faulty. Both CPU and GPU died shortly after my last post on this thread. I'm getting a full refund from dell.
  12. Even with open source drivers after a few restarts I get the message CPU (1-4) soft lockup
  13. After installing drivers I get the message recovering journal and after that nvme0n1p2 clean lots of numbers/lots of numbers files, ditto/ditto blocks