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  1. What Dizmo said. It may vary depending on the country, but usually, you've already paid taxes on it before and thus can't be taxed for the same item. That's why there's usually no taxes on second hand goods at not for profit stores. But if you were buying cheaply or dumpster diving to sell as a profit, then yeah.
  2. To love and be loved... A new graphic card. That I'll be buying myself... Whenever AMD release their cards and stocks are available after scalpers fuck off.
  3. How often in a conversation does your mother's maiden name comes up? It hasn't in the past 20+ years for me with anyone who doesn't work for the gov. These sort of questions are basically things no one would realistically be asking you. I sure as hell have never written the name of my first pet online... Why would I ? I'd be suspicious of anyone who ask these sort of questions. Might be concerning for kids who post about their very first pet. But any adults who have had others pets, wouldn't be posting about their first pet randomly. As for the city you're born in, that one I can agree to it being a dumb question since that's usually easily found on social media, depending on the person. As for why they are necessary... Because people like this guy exist. The kind who forget their password, but surely they would remember their mother's maiden name or the name of their first pet... Right? Hence why it is important to not just write whatever random BS you think of and actually answer properly... Unlike that OP who didn't. RIP that email address and everything attached to it.
  4. I don't personally mind. It's not like they are getting rid of the Java version. We still get to keep our usernames and not forced to use our real names... Plus we get a cape. For free. I see no downside to this. Why is anyone complaining? Secret questions are good, though. Even more so for all the people who "forget" their email passwords.... We see plenty of them on this forum asking what they can do. And usually, they've also put random answer they don't remember for their secret question answers. The secret questions are designed to help you get the account back if you fuck up and "forget" the password. Getting rid of them would result in a lot more "abandoned" accounts after people "forget" their passwords and have no others means of getting the account back.
  5. Regardless of the context, the fact they uploaded a whole segment without modifying it or adding any commentary on top of it, resulted in a portion of the video not being covered by "fair use", since it is not "transformative" to simply take a minute from another video and adding it to your own. And from the sounds of it, they obviously did it for the drama as it could've been easily fixed had they just reached out to Linus instead of bitching about it.
  6. At this point, they should just release comfy socks, with a sandal motif on it.
  7. Well, it's a dual core. An old and mobile one at that. It being pinned at 100% is to be expected. The fact your hard drive is also nearly operating at 100%, means something big is happening in the background. Considering Windows 10's latest update just came out, that could be it. .... Or wait, I can't read. You meant it being paused? Yeah, what Caroline said.
  8. Huh, apparently it was such a small update, that it updated within 5 minutes... I wasn't planning on doing it, but finished my work for today and figured if anything went wrong, I had 24 hours to fix it... All went as planned. It installed the new Edge browser, with shortcut on my desktop on taskbar. Removed those promptly. I have no use for a browser that kills itself when you close the last tab. Because maybe, just maybe, I want to go back to the homepage after closing everything and not close the God damn fucking Browser!! Can't believe this is a "feature" to so many browsers theses days... Who seriously asked for that ? "Oh I see you've closed the last tab, that means you're done with this browsing session right? I know you didn't specifically press the X button at the top right of the window, but that's okay, I got you fam". At least Vivaldi doesn't pull this trash... I like the new Folder icon in the start menu. But, I thought the colored backgrounds were gone? Why is Vivaldi still darker than the rest??? Also, my search is not "dark mode" enabled either... Is it just for "web" searches? (I have those disabled, so it only search locally)
  9. Well, that's another update I'll have to put off until December... Can't afford any possible downtime from a possible failed update.
  10. Can't stand the taste or texture of them. So without for me.
  11. Sure, if you buy plain "vitamins". But who does that? Multi-vitamins usually have vitamins and minerals in them. If they don't, then they are probably gummies or something like that, in which case, don't use them after the expiration.
  12. No. I bought my CPU last year. I'm not made of money and thus, have more sense than money. I expect my Zen 2 CPU to last me at least 5 years.
  13. The wait for the announcement is getting unbearable... For the release date and the price... And for actual stocks to force used prices down.
  14. Well of course, Canada is a big place. It is the second largest country in the world... With a population that's less than the entire state of California. Most big cities are near the border, with the rest pretty much being "rural". If someone wants to go off grid, it's pretty easy to do in Canada. Might have trouble living off the land though, especially the higher north you go. That said, at least 80% of the population lives in these big cities with less than 20% being in the "rural" part of Canada in towns of 1000 or less.... Honestly I don't know how people can live in a town with less than 1000 people... There's like.... literally nothing there other than "peace and quiet". Lived in one as a kid and I sure as hell don't miss it, with the nearest neighbor living nearly half a kilometre away... Ain't making a lot of friends there.
  15. I guess it could be good for the more "rural" areas of Canada, where services may not reach as good as the city. As long as the price is competitive anyway.
  16. You can limit background apps to further increase the battery life. But you may miss some notifications on some apps (you can also just go at it manually with only specific apps, by telling Chrome to fuck off and never run in the background)
  17. Looking at your memory process, I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Also, while A1/C1 config is likely just fine, Asus actually recommends B1 and D1 for dual channel RAM, while A1/C1 are used when in Quad Channel. It is probably perfectly fine and doesn't change anything, but still something to take note of.
  18. Notice the immaculate fan filter at the bottom of the case... without a fan for it to actually be effective.
  19. Closer to the grave, faster to get that life insurance money.
  20. Seriously, use a password manager, you seems prone to forgetting these things. Failing that, at least write it down somewhere safe.
  21. I believe they mean the "Recovery email", which you can add on account creation or after. Do you have the answer to the "secret question" at least? If not, keep pressing "Try another way" on the "Forgot Password" page (after you enter the email, it ask for the password, underneath the pwd box, there's that option) and it should give the option at the very end for google support to somehow verify you. In any case, if there's no option for it at the end, you are SoL.
  22. The neckbeard is strong in this thread. A beard doesn't make you manly, at all. It ages you.
  23. Bitcoin mining is not sustainable on GPUs anymore. Hasn't been since LONG ago. You'll need ASIC hardware. You're just going to be spending more on power than you would be getting back. Maybe mine Ethereum instead if you really want to start "mining".