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  1. Oh really? They are offering this service for the small percentage of users affected by this issue? Surely they wouldn't be admitting this was actually such a widespread issue that they needed to do this, right?
  2. TetraSky

    A Game of Thrones Poll

    Missing option : Don't care who wins, just end it.
  3. TetraSky

    IPhone won't unlock! pls help

    Either repair it yourself or send it in to iPad rehab. Don't bother going to an Apple Store, they will either quote you a price that's just as expensive as a new phone or will refuse to service it outright and they to sell you the newest model.
  4. LTT is based in Canada. Even if the majority of their audience is in the US, they have to deal with the Canadian division of these mobile companies.... Which sucks because they may as well not exist considering how slow they are at sending review units, if at all.
  5. TetraSky

    16k Resolution Gaming Rig.......

    Because that's a dead project that made no sense financially to anyone. So unless they get sponsors, it ain't "getting an upgrade" just for the sake of it.
  6. TetraSky

    Is someone trying to control my PC?

    If they are able to open webpages, they are not "trying", they already succeeded.
  7. No. As long as the charger is of good quality and isn't some super trashy charger that will essentially kill your device, it will do fine.... Especially if the output (amp, volt) are the same. Overall, stay away from cheap Chinese chargers. A charger is basically like a PC's powersupply, a cheap one will fry your system sooner or later. Don't skimp out. If it keep saying your device is charging slowly even though the charger is supposed to be the same amperage/voltage as the original (0.5A to 2A, 5V usually.), it means it's low quality.
  8. TetraSky

    Share your location!

    Eeeehhhh we do a LOT of shit wrong though. Like how we're essentially the cause of letting in filthy rich immigrants here through some stupid program and they then flew to Vancouver to fuck up their real estate.... Now they are about to do that here as well since BC introduced laws against them. Among other crap, like how we can't participate in nearly any giveaways due to some more regulation that "protects" us. How we require permits to do pretty much anything... and how slow they are being issued...
  9. TetraSky

    An UNPOPULAR Opinion - Huawei P30 Pro Review

    *insert tinfoil hat comment about Chinese spies and what not* That said, about the phone itself, I just don't understand why they make them so damn slippery. Yes it "looks nice", but it's pointless if you can't even hold the damn thing without putting a case on top, covering it all.
  10. TetraSky

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green. (usually) I've used bad passwords like that as well, because I couldn't be arsed and I would literally never come back to that website again. But these days I usually just use Keepass to create unique passwords for everything.
  11. TetraSky

    Registry Defrage

    Pretty much this ^ It's all a placebo. It says it does something and maybe it really does it, but it really doesn't matter. Windows' built-in defrag tool work just as well and if you have a SSD, it literally doesn't matter because every bit of data, regardless of where they are or how fragmented they are, can be accessed at the same speed unlike with conventional HDD.
  12. Why would you pay to get something for free? Google is where it is at. Just look for some keywords, put in the desired image size and press Search. There's also plenty of wallpaper websites to go around that you can find on google as well. If you want animated, then like the others have said, WP engine on Steam.
  13. So Samsung officially confirmed to have pushed back the release of the Fold now, I guess they figured this kind of failure rate was unacceptable on such an expensive device? https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/22/samsung-confirms-galaxy-fold-delay-shares-initial-findings-on-faulty-units/ full statement from Samsung: So yeah, they realized the easily removable "protective layer" was an issue, among other things, even if they had a label on the screen not to remove it.
  14. Default settings are fine 99.9% of the time. The rest is up to the color accuracy of the monitor. (Imagine if the movie experience was lesser out of the box for someone who doesn't know how to fiddle in the settings... you'd get complaints out the wazoo) To have a more detailed answer, maybe tell us which player's settings we talking about here?
  15. TetraSky


    If I remember correctly, Officially, your CPU is "8 cores". But those are not "true" 8 cores, it's closer to hyperthreading on the Intel side. (2 threads per core)
  16. TetraSky

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    Great news that AMD's implementation of this is paying off... In the few games that support it. Nvidia having some competitions is good for all of us. Hopefully Navi will close the gap even more.
  17. TetraSky

    CaseKing to sell i9-9990XE on its own

    I really have to wonder, who is actually insane enough to buy these.
  18. Wow... I swear so much shit like this keeps happening to Laura K. All this flack could frankly just be from the ones who already hated her, for being transgender and having opinions. (Lord knows you can't have those on the Internet, even more so if you happen to not be "normal") I've listened to the entire song without reading the lyrics and once more by reading the lyrics. Never heard the word "retarded". But IMO, this sort of crap is common in songs. Many times did I think a song's lyric said one thing when listening to it but then I go and read the actual lyrics and I'm like "wait what? doesn't sound like that at all". It all boils down to bad pronunciation, rhythm of the song, loudness of the music itself, etc... Nothing racist here. Or what, is it classified as racist just because the singer happens to be Japanese? That doesn't change anything, just go listen to some of the most popular English songs right now and you'll find parts that are hard to understand/easily misunderstood just as much.
  19. Quality wise, it got better. As far as the content though.... Eeeeeeh. It's ok. It didn't change for the better or the worse. IMO. That RAM slot M.2 to SATA adapter, could've frankly went into a compilation video with other strange/dumb tech. That video was longer than necessary for what it was.
  20. TetraSky

    What is your sleeping position?

    I'm a side sleeper... usually... I do stomach as well but these days I find it suffocating. Though when I wake up, I'm typically on my back so.. I dunno. I have a hard time sleeping, I really need to change my mattress.
  21. TetraSky


    While the 1060 is on the "low/mid" side, it's by no means a "weak GPU". It will technically "bottleneck" the CPU... But that's just because the CPU won't be able to stretch its leg as much as if you had a $2000 GPU in there. A bottleneck caused by a low end GPU is not as bad as a bottleneck from a low end CPU. You'll be getting the best performances that can be obtained from your GPU at least, which is the important bit for gaming. That said, why not get the successor card, the 1660? Not only is it "better", it's also 6GB and not that much more expensive (nearly the same price really) Because honestly, that 3GB model, will hurt later on.
  22. TetraSky


    On medium settings? Yeah, without any issues.
  23. TetraSky

    Have you ever bought merch?

    Never bought merch. But that's because I hate having any sort of logo or writing on my clothes. I'm fine with it if it's super small, like a 1cm² logo on the hem, though. (because it's not the focus of the attention of anyone who look at you) I dunno why, maybe it just doesn't feel right to me to essentially be a walking advertisement while paying ridiculous prices for the privilege of doing that. Or maybe I'm just crazy like that. As for other things that aren't clothes(water bottle, etc), quite frankly, regardless of the quality it might have, for the same price, you can more often than not have a much better product from a reputable brand that will stand behind their products with a warranty. (that you can return to the store you've bought them if anything went wrong... especially a local store and not have to ship it back to lord knows where and have to wait weeks for a replacement) I get wanting to support your favorite creators... But I'd rather just send them $5 through paypal or something. Not like their margin on that merch is that much higher. edit : Oh right, reading the comment below, I came to realize that yes, I technically bought something... Musics. I've bought two albums and separate songs from the "LeeandLie" channel.
  24. TetraSky

    Free CPU monitoring software?

    After burner is at the very bottom of the page. Or here's the link : http://download.msi.com/uti_exe/vga/MSIAfterburnerSetup461Beta2.zip
  25. TetraSky

    The Kitchen.

    Induction is quite nice though... It heats up fast, no risk of blowing your house up if anything ever goes wrong and doesn't get hot to the touch if you open it by mistake...