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  1. So my uncle has tasked me with choosing a laptop for him, he is not a power user or anything, he will mainly use it for microsoft office, browsing the web, watching movies and etc.. just the regular old stuff you know ( ̄o ̄) . z Z This will probably be the first & only laptop he will buy so I was thinking I get one that's somewhat future-proof. His budget is around the 800$ mark ( it can go a tad higher ). the main selling points I'm looking for are: Portability Build Quality Battery Life Generation 8 or above CPU as he is constantly travelling and will be using the laptop without attaching the power brick a lot. also i thought that he didn't need a laptop with an external graphics card as that will only increase weight and shorten battery life secondary selling points are: Keyboard : Quality and Spacing Screen : Size & brightness Sidenote : he specifically said no apple products, not that i'd have recommended them anyway. i have been struggling with finding the right laptop a lot recently, would appreciate any help from you guys a lot. (‾◡◝).
  2. the same issue is present with the computer Okay so what's the hardware fix for this issue ?
  3. i already tried a different mouse on the laptop and it did not have this issue , i will try my mouse on my main computer and see if there is any difference oh and i don't know if this will help or not but when the i move my hand slowly while clicking and dragging the issue is less likely to occur
  4. they came in the same box as the laptop lenovo ideapad Y700 so i assume they are genuine no water , dirt gets in every thing i guess ?? - no it's not still under warranty
  5. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/gaming-accessories/KB-MICE-BO-Lenovo-Gaming-Mouse/p/GX30J34225 omron switches
  6. i have had the lenovo gaming mouse for about a year and half now and it was working fine-ish now i am having a problem with the left mouse button , while i'm clicking and dragging it stops the click then registers a new click which is annoying as hell especially in photoshop and illustrator , at first i thought the problem was mechanical so i took apart the mouse and put some duct tape on the piece of plastic on the top cover which is responsible for click on the omron switch which is suppose to be "good" , i tried the switch while the mouse was apart and it was working fine and i can hear every click , the mouse registers every click the problem only arises during click and drag i'm frustrated as hell and hope one of you guys can help me pinpoint the problem
  7. a while back i bought Samsung M2070W multi-function printer and it's been good so far so the printer keeps displaying the message "prepare new cartridge" and the samsung easy printer manager says it's at 2% i read online about my options and saw that toner cartridges can be refilled but i saw a few people saying that the chip that is at the toner cartridge won't let you print even after refilling it and saying stuff like that it used to work but Samsung's firmware updates stopped any refilled cartridges from working , is that truly the case for any one who owns it and tried this ?is my only option to buy the new pricey cartridge ? also i checked my user counters and i only printed about 275 pages , rarely did i print images or stuff that requires a lot of toner.. is the stock cartridge under-filled or something ? or should i expect the new cartridge to behave in the same way ? thanks in advance for your responses .
  8. try disabling then enabling your graphics drivers and if that didn't work try reinstalling them
  9. okay guys the problem is solved and for reference that's how it got solved i opened up my device manager and uninstalled the intel hd graphics which had a yellow warning icon and then disabled nvidia display driver after that the intel driver got reinstalled automatically and i re-enabled the nvidia display driver and every thing was peachy again thank you guys for your help
  10. it failed .. and i had problem after fall creators update now after reinstalling the drivers and unistalling them with DDU It happens more often the problem is weird pixels on the middle of the screen
  11. sorry forget to mention that i already updated it's the first time i hear about this DDU , i will try it out now
  12. Hello everyone so i recently updated my windows to 10 and got the fall creators update ever since i got it, i can't open my nvidia settings as an error message appears and also the INTEL RST is no longer working i have a Lenovo ideapad Y70015ISK laptop consequently because of this i obviously can't play any game searched the internet and all i see are old problems not related to windows 10 recent update also i would like to note i did a stupid thing which is deleting my windows.old folder in order to clear space and can't restore the previous version of windows i updated all my drivers using iobit driver booster nothing changed if any one could help me that'd be great
  13. i can't thank you enough but i was wondering what makes this one so much cheaper besides the lack of wireless connectivity ? http://www.egprices.com/en/product/samsung-scx-3405f-multifunction-laser-printer-micro-labs