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  1. There's a couple of good places which sell pc stuff but it all still tends to be more expensive then the us
  2. Thanks! Unfortunately, they don't ship to Australia Maybe I should have mentioned that's where I am which makes things more annoying.
  3. Oh, is that not a thing? I assumed I'd be able to run them in 5760x1080? Although I didn't actually look into it... Might be a bit too expensive for me but if you could find the model number that would be great!
  4. 1440p 60hz + 2 1080p 60Hz. I did a little bit of research and it was still less than 1440p ultrawide. I do want to have at least 2 monitors tho because even with an ultrawide I like being able to see lots of things open and when gaming.
  5. Hey everyone! Been watching LTT videos for quite a while but have only just joined on here. I currently want to upgrade my monitor setup. I currently have 3 1080p 21-inch monitors, the two side ones are different to the middle one which is about 8 years now and is a little dodgy and has pretty poor colours. I'm either thinking to replace the middle one with an ultrawide (sell both it and one of the side ones and then maybe keep the remaining one for like discord and stuff) OR to replace the middle one with a 1440p monitor and to replace the two sides ones with 1080p monitors which are the same model other then the resolution (so they fit together) But I'm not sure if there are any models like that. My plan would be to play games 1440p on the centre monitor or if I wanted to do surround then I could just drop the res on the middle one and do that. I'd like to do this so I could get monitors with super thin bezels. As an ultrawide I found this one which is pretty cheap so that could be an option: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/lg-29-219-full-hd-ultrawide-ips-led-monitor-29um58-lg/ Going for a 1440p ultrawide is way out of my budget unfortunately My current setup is a i7 4770k with a GTX 780 Ti which I plan to upgrade to the 1180 (or whatever nvidia calls it) which will hopefully launch next year. I mostly use my PC for coding and playing casual games (RPG / Strategy mostly) so would like nice colours and resolution over 144hz and 1ms response times. Thanks