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  1. You know what they say, once you go bluetooth you can't go back. I recently saw video from Louis Rossman ranting BT headphones and connectors and how shitty his experience was and I wasn't understanding what was it about. I mean my CX 7.00 are great, I just turn them on and they pair with my PC instant. I can pair two devices at once. I didn't knew what was wrong untill I got audiotechnica headphones. Holy shit... - They don't autopair, you even have to forget device sometimes and pair again to make it work - You can't charge and use BT at same time - you have to plug second 3mm jack to 3mm jack cable to your PC / phone. Seriously, I haven't seen review where they check if you can use them and charge at once. You will know how many hours it will work (theoreticaly), but in real world it doesn't matter. Most od the headphones use small batteries, and use microUSB which makes possible to charge them for 15 mins and use for few hours untill you get home and leave it charging for the night. - You wouldn't belive but I found key feature of BT headphones for me is pairing with 2 devices at once. People don't understand it untill they try to work on laptop and make some calls with clients. It is fair simple - just answer the phone and spotify will pause on your PC. - Seriously, I tried some other BT headphones and I found that buttons / leds tend to have shitty functionality, ie. no google assistant option, or no battery indicator - why nobody says that? It is just like old motocycles without fuel gauge, but back then people at least could look inside fuel tank and see how much juice they have. Now you have to remember how long you have been listening audio and take in account how much battery capacity you lost over recent weeks. Someone has to start doing those reviews right, as now it doesn't mean much for average user. With recently "no headphone jack" trend and cheaper true wireless headphones there is going to be more users that don't really care about audio quality as much as about simple daily usage.
  2. So I saved some money and went for my favorite online store to get RX 580 - asked about prices and the suggested me going for 1060 (but I don't want to for personal reasons, driver updates and 650ti, nvidia bullshit). It isn't avaible anywhere in poland anywhere right now, and I suppose also in EU cause I saw some questions in many places about those cards. Not even on amazon or online auctions. It looks like it shown up in stores and vanished. 2 Questions: 1. What is going on with this? Are they trying to sell more 570 or want to push people for Vega? 2. Is there a chance to buy rx 580 from sapphire 8 GB limited edition?
  3. If I could record with my 650ti that it doesn't work at new drivers with updated system I would show you. Running now 345 version from 2015 because on new one it gets hot after 5 minutes and crashes system. Around 2016 - it was getting hot and lagging with new drivers. Mid 2016 - it was getting hot and crashing sometimes even in csgo Around 2017 - it just crashes everything after 5 mins It seems like new drivers pushes my old card to the limit. If I cap fps in CSGO, ie for 120 and push fans 80% it is fine but it sounds like leaf blower. Then if I wipe drivers with DDU (only works this way) and install 2015 from november it is fine (last working config).