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    PC gaming MMO HAM Radio Science TV series
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    I am from Glasgow UK am a geek :)
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    ICT Technician
  1. From what I knwo Valve are ok with people having multiple accounts however they do still reserve the right to ban people without giving reason. I would say they would not suspend multiple accounts as long as people not running massive schemes to get items with 100s of accounts. As for it being illegal I mean I dunno should maybe call 999/911 and ask them that
  2. Rodney121

    High guys

    Thank you for the welcome adn will have a read
  3. its decent, looks like something out of aladdin with lighter complexion.
  4. Rodney121

    High guys

    Oh so I did I have a habit of doing that lol
  5. Rodney121

    High guys

    Hey I am new here am 34 male From Glasgow>Scotland. I do PC gaming on steam and am into tech and HAM radio and science. I could write out all my bits and bobs but that can be posted in relevant sections for anyone interested. I am not the best gamer but I have fun. I did wow for 8 years but quit last month and will be doing Black Desert Online on Wednesday when it comes to steam.