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  1. They're way too expensive in my country though. Thank you for the help! Im searching for some headphones to use for gaming and mostly music with a detachable cable,and I might add a microphone to them. But they're so expensive in my country that I might just go for a hyperx alpha which has everything i need and im done lol
  2. What if I use a bass booster on my phone, would they sound at least decent ,50% volume on electronic music ? I dont expect them to go booom boom but..at least something?
  3. yeap. So, anyone ? any ideas? any recommendations? I'm thinking about getting the shp9500s as they're very recommend everywhere together with the vboom or whatever mic. Should I get those? another problem is, the cloud I i had were small for my head,i think the cloud 2s might be just as small .. and i heard they fixed that with the hyperx alphas..are the shp9500s big enough ?? edit: now that im looking at it,its going to be a little bit of a problem because they leak soo much sound, the mic will most prob. pick up a lot of noise from the headset..which i dont want if in going to use discord .
  4. I used lots of razer kraken ,2 mices , and a mechanical keyboard and returned all of them.They all had some flaws and it was not acceptable ,because their price was very high. Overpriced products with bad quality,thats what they always sold..im not touching their products ever again lol.
  5. from what i've read on the internet they dont have such a good bass and theyre pretty open back,and id like them to be closed back ,you know. I listen to a lot of swing,trap,classical, electronic music,rap etc. do you have them? could you give me more details as to why I should choose this combination over the HyperX Alpha? The SHP's are on a $100 sale right now, if people recommend it more over the alphas then i might go for them i guess. but i want more opinions hm..well isnt the alpha better than the cloud ii ? im not that good at headphones but from what I know ,the cloud ii's have usb? id rather use a 3.5 jack for my xonar u3 . And I'd avoid razer products as I had tons of problems with their stuff in the past...bad quality overall..i hate their products do you guys have any ideas?
  6. Oh ,alright,good to know,but what exactly is a ear bias ? *English isnt my native language :)*
  7. Hello! My HyperX Cloud I cable coming from the headset broke after 1year of use..and I want to upgrade to something. I would really like the hyperx cloud alphas because: from what I've heard they have good sound, more comfortable than ever, AND A DETACHABLE CABLE! I guess I can change the detachable cable if it breaks again? that would be so cool.Also it's bigger which is great cuz the cloud 1 was small for my head. Is there anything better than the Alphas? thanks!
  8. hm,idk, i think it actually affects the sensivity,because if i put the polling rate at 1000 then itll be a little bit slower,but if i would put it at 125 then it would be just like having 400+ more dpi,it increases the sensivity somehow. i can set it to : 125,250,500 and 1000,and its going great with the 500 one.
  9. Tho` can anyone explain me what does the polling rate means ? My old mouse had 500,so i set the polling rate for this mouse as well to 500 so I can get a similar feeling to the old one ,and right now im using 1120 dpi,and it works very nice so far.If it only had rgb and made less noise it wouldve been the absolute perfect mouse * the rgb would be just optional so it can match the setup with my new rgb keyboard,but even tho...it wouldnt be so fancy since most of the time you'll be gaming and you will not look at the mouse XDD,so its great.
  10. well,i dont know man,im pretty satisfied with this mouse so far. the design is similar to my old mouse's so its very good.ill get used to it pretty quickly,i like it so far.
  11. Hello guys again! So i bought the g402 and the corsair k55 as my keyboard,and they both feel great. The mouse which we are talking about here,feels pretty alright so far! Thing is still have to "calibrate" it a lil bit,i gotta get used to the dpis and tryina find a good one for me . so far im using a 500 polling rate* can anyone explain me what that means? * and right now i feel pretty alright with a 1120 dpi. The sniper button is actually not that bad placed to be honest,even tho i have bigger hands i still cant hit it by mistake or anything like that.the only minus i'd say is the fact that its a little bit too clicky and makes some noise and the fact that it doesnt come with rgb support ,but its alright . overall id say its pretty nice so far.
  12. I play csgo, league of legends ,rpgs,mmorpgs,and tons of other AAA games or whatever comes up.But mainly csgo and lol.I use clawgrip and my hand is pretty big considering I have 20cm,i guess. And btw are you sure the g502 is less heavier? i mean i saw a video from rocket jump ninja where he showed the g502 was heavier,and btw g402 144g? are u sure about that? Check out this video : Edit : anyways, I ordered the g402 hyperion,hope it'll be alright.Thanks for the advices and thoughts everyone! Have a nice day,I will probably come back here after I receive the mouse, and ill try to give it a feedback review.
  13. Yeah well I guess i could get used to the g402's shape since the genesis g55 got a similar shape.Wish that they placed the sniper button a little bit further tho.
  14. do u think it'll fit alright into my hands? or should i go with the g402 ? hm . these 2. hmm.
  15. So ,what should I choose between : G402 G Pro Cougar 500M I've seen a lot of people actually liking the deathadder but still the durability is pretty bad.I mean I used this genesis g55 for 7 years and its still working and people somehow break mouses in just a few months .I dont know what to choose between those,what are your opinions guys?