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  1. SnowWolf370

    Ever Had to Return an MSI Graphics Card?

    Most "gaming" companies like Asus, MSI, Corsair have horrible return policies and customer support, EVGA used to be great but they have also gone downhill lately.. In my own experience with Asus, Corsair and EVGA it either had to be resolved by getting a consumer protection agency involved or giving up.. Never had any experience with MSI though. Only company I've never had problems with when it comes to support and stuff is Dell actually, lol.
  2. SnowWolf370

    Email Scam Masquarading as LTT

    There's a warning to it on the forum and you're suprised?............. Also how are they getting our e-mails? Is it random that they are using LTT since they are well known? Or are our emails leaked?
  3. SnowWolf370

    Clickbait titles and thumbnails

    I have to agree, I find myself watching fewer and fewer LTT videos. I see a lot of the other channels I'm subscribed too are also going overboard with the thumbnails.. It's really ridiculous, that being said. All the other channels still keep proper titles... They don't use words like "Why would you even." and so forth, it for example says "GeForce 1070 - Review".. Though with a stupid thumbnail, but it keeps the title understandable.
  4. SnowWolf370

    Second hand gpu's.

    Focus on listings that have real pictures of the product, listings with internet pictures is a no.
  5. SnowWolf370

    Good PC, Low FPS in GTA V

    Try to disable SLI. When I had two GeForce 1070's in SLI a while ago, I got 9 FPS in games that my computer could easily run... Disabling SLI and removing the second card bumped me back up to 60 FPS (vsync locked). Sometimes SLI can act funny and mess with your performance. Try to disable SLI and remove the second card, see what that does.
  6. SnowWolf370

    What is this?

    It's used to power floppy drives... Some other devices can also use it, but it's rare. I feel old now (24) when this new generation doesn't know what a floppy disk is...
  7. SnowWolf370


    If you have to ask yourself or others "is this a scam", that's usually a red flag alone... So...
  8. SnowWolf370

    "en"vidia? or "nuh"-vidia?

    I once watched a tech review where it was "Nevada GeForce"..... Oh, here it is.
  9. SnowWolf370

    Ssd for storage on its own?.

    Nothing wrong with only having SSD for storage. But HDD's are usually only used for mass storage since you get a lot more space for a lot less money, there's no other reason. You can have a system with all the SSD space you want and use that for everything, it's just way more expensive.
  10. Hi, I have a laptop and a desktop that were updated to the October update a while back, that was a horrible experience but eventually the computers were up and running after re-installing Windows 10 with the new ISO from the Microsoft website. Anyway, today both computers wanted to install a new update. I didn't pay much attention to the number or anything, I set them both to download and then the laptop and the desktop wanted to restart to complete the updates. I clicked on "restart now" and went downstairs to make myself some food, when I came back upstairs to the computers.. The laptop was stuck with the Dell logo and the spinning wheel thinking, the desktop just had a blank black screen. I thought Windows were being slow so I waited.. And waited.. And waited, eventually the laptop went into recovery mode, a bit later the blank screen on the desktop turned into the Dell logo as well with a spinning wheel. I tried the recovery option but both systems failed constantly at doing so, the setup then wanted a Windows 10 installation media, so I inserted the DVD with the ISO (the one I used to install Windows 10 with) and it tried to repair and it then it worked. It booted me back onto the desktop on the laptop and the desktop, most Windows settings are changed back to their defaults, the wallpaper on the laptop is also changed to the default Windows one. Most programs on both systems are gone, the few that are left do not work they simply immediately "stopped responding" when you click on them. To top it off, all personal files.. Documents, music, pictures, videos are gone.. I have a backup, but still.. Seriously Windows? Also both systems the screen keeps going black for 2-3 seconds every.. Minute or so..
  11. SnowWolf370

    I just fixed a hard drive...

    Now that you have opened the drive it's been exposed to Oxygen, doesn't that ruin it again after a while?
  12. SnowWolf370

    Troubles with Laptop Memory Upgrade

    I'm not sure.
  13. SnowWolf370

    Troubles with Laptop Memory Upgrade

    Oh.. Hmm.. Weird, I'm not sure then. By the way, I've also had laptops and desktops that read the task manager read the number of memory slots wrong.
  14. SnowWolf370

    Troubles with Laptop Memory Upgrade

    If the BIOS reads 8 GB of RAM but Windows only reads 4 GB.. Are you using 32-bit Windows?
  15. SnowWolf370

    its official AMD gpu for desktop is dead

    Where I live the AMD counterparts of Nvidia cards are usually half the price for the same brute performance, just without any fancy functions.. And with a bigger power draw.