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  1. You can move to third world countries and work in various mines for Tesla, there are also numerous sweatshops for other large companies to choose from. You can go there already at the age of 7.
  2. No response. I just use the Arc Games client for my MMO needs and I've switched over to playing on my Xbox One X, I also got some games from Gog.com
  3. I tried and was just told to "let it go" as the cost of legal action would most likely be more than what I can get out of Steam / Valve.. And most likely being such a huge corporation they would just ignore the legal action entirely.
  4. If anyone is interested, I still do not have access to my Steam account or any of my purchased games on there.
  5. Clean operating system without a bunch of programs and junk running in the background... No bloatware.
  6. Are you using a program or an app? Apps are horrible and can run horrible no matter what system you have..
  7. Some movies, TV shows and games can have such a great storyline or experience. You'll easily replay them or rewatch them even if you do know the outcome. Also sometimes when you rewatch things, you'll notice some details you never saw the first time.
  8. Windows hates hardware changes, especially CPU, GPU and motherboard changes. In issues like this, a fresh re-install of Windows 10 will solve your problem 9.7 out of 10 times.
  9. Cut and paste + computer freeze = New and old files are corrupt. Copy and paste + computer freeze = only new files are corrupt, original files are intact.
  10. Already got it done! Just forgot to update this, lol.
  11. They come back because they know they get fed there. If everyone in your apartment block stops feeding them, they will eventually find other places to get food.
  12. Hmm. I don't think so? When I first had trouble adjusting the laser.. It would not read the disc, but it did spin it around for a while before "giving up".. So it did spin a lot. I'm no expert though, the slim model might behave differently.
  13. Yeah, he is right. The PS2 Slim uses even more random hardware parts than the PS2 "Fatboy" did.. I remember replacing the laser on mine and it was a pain, because even for the fatboy there were a ton of different laser types and different mounting solutions.. It seems to be pretty random depending on anything, not just a region thing.. No idea why they were built like that. But yeah, PS2 can be a real pain. Also the laser is really tricky, because they were all... Well, at least the fatboy.. The laser was aimed manually during production, so even when you change the laser.. The rails that aim it, might need adjusting.. And that can be a pain..
  14. I just have the finished logo in a PNG format.