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  1. Metal_Kitty

    Toshiba - "Assisted Reality" - DynaEdge DE-100

    not quite a go pro on the head- this would allow you to stream directly from windows 10 - on the device itself - with a HUD - imagine writing a piece of software for gaming with that has all the displays you could want while playting rainbow 6 siege - your ammo - your health bar etc, all there while your game is free of all that on the screen. now that could be awsome
  2. Metal_Kitty

    need help building a new pc for a girl

    yes, but my point was what type of gaming rig - casual and browser based, or AAA titles requiring a 1060 or higher? VR? is the person streaming and editing videos too, or is it primaraily going to be a bit of gaming and mostly school / collage / uni / work / with some gaming?
  3. Metal_Kitty

    need help building a new pc for a girl

    PC part picker, - but whats the primary use of the PC- Gaming? Facebook and instagram for the likes and lols? or photo or video editing? or just useful work case scenario. I mean i would really consider the point of the PC before you splash out 2 grand on it? because a quarter of your budget could be gone on the graphics card straight off the bat with a gaming rig. but if all is needed is web browsing and browser games, then look for a high end (but not overpowered) laptop, if however video editing and photoshop is required, then perhaps look at something that built for that instead.
  4. Well lets be frank, the headline got me, TOSHIBA ANNOUNCES DYNAEDGE MOBILE EDGE COMPUTING DEVICE WITH COMPANION ASSISTED REALITY SMART GLASSES though why they decided all caps for the title i don't know. Their official press release is here at this link, http://www.toshiba.co.uk/press/releases/dynaedge-de100-with-assisted-reality/ and if i am honest, it actually looks like a handy piece of kit, I work in IT and regularly have to call back to the office while i am out in the field, for one reason or another, sometimes my pair of hands is actually all they need out there!. but the idea of being able to see what another "wearer" is doing while they are out in the field with what looks to be a pretty powerful little windows 10 Pocket PC with a display, microphone, and speakers, That is completely portable, sounds like a great little tool to have. Possibilities with it are endless, though they are promoting it on their website http://www.toshiba.co.uk/generic/dynaedge/ primarily for the industrial and logistics sector, i can see quite a wide application of uses, within IT for field engineers - as a second pair of eyes on a site inspection, Fire and Medical services, with a second person looking and watching in real time and possibly noticing something that is happening the the person wearing them doesn't. It actually looks like a good little piece of tech, though their Promo video i think could use a retouch rather than the CG'd hand in the video perhaps use a real person and demo the product! It also integrates "seemlessly" with Active directory, and windows 10. which makes me think they are leveraging the mixed reality portal here, though i can't be certain as i don't own one (yet) On a side note, it something that i would like to see The Linus tech team possibly reach out and ask if they can do review the product
  5. Metal_Kitty

    A cheap ethernet solution

    Powerline adapters are one fairly reliable method, however... I would recommend getting into your loft space and purchasing a Cisco Switch you can install up there (if you have loft conversion - then find somewhere suitable) Failrly inexpensive and if "Cisco" scares you then don't worry - it's can all be used GUI based and the suggestion i am going to post here is small compact has either 8 or 12 port variants, and is POE and Gigabit. ports all configurable to enable disable or even apply bandwidth restrictions if required... https://www.amazon.com/SYSTEMS-8-Port-Gigabit-Desktop-SG110D08HPNA/dp/B00V8IZ5X0 this is just one possibility. there are other suggestions out there available but if you require everything on ethernet then i would look at considering a 12 / 16 / 24 port switch instead... Installing ethernet cables through the walls might require a specialist if you don't know what your doing - but getting a simple plastic wire covering that you can run around the walls might be an easier and cheaper solution if you don't have cabling there already. https://www.amazon.com/Legrand-Wiremold-Raceways-Management-Channels/dp/B0015EDVVU you might be able to find a cheaper / bigger / longer options though...
  6. Metal_Kitty

    Internet not working anywhere near rated speed?

    I have a saying that applies here, We Pay - You Obey Basically - become the biggest thorn in their side until they provide you with a service that you are paying for... and use every trick in the book Legally that you can. including breach of contract for failing to maintain the external connections to and from your property and the exchange.. EE got so annoyed with me on this that my Phone number was stored on their "Staff" Global address list in order to make sure i was dealt quickly and properly with by a senior engineer on the team. which was quite hilarious when they answered the phone "Hi, How are you today mate?" instead of the usual "Hello you are through to EE all calls are being recorded and monitored for training purposes are you ok with this?" Beautiful to be treated as a human rather than a statistic
  7. Metal_Kitty

    Internet not working anywhere near rated speed?

    I have had to deal wit ISP's and this issue multiple times - It may not necesarily be the ISP's fault - What ISP are you with? Talk Talk / Plus Net / etc check the connections in your home - does your PC / Laptop connect with a cable or wifi? change to cabled connection if Wifi - change the cable if cabled Failing that- check the router you are using is a VDSL2 Router (in the UK) Check the cable between your router and the wall socket. (or router and Modem then modem and wall if you been given one of those) - change it and test speeds again on the wall socket itself what type of connection do you have is it two seperate connections one for broadband and one for phone or do you have to use a splitter - if splitter - change the splitter - and complain that you need a NEW socket installed with the built in splitter - (cleaner asthetically and easier to test for issues) once all these are done with no improvements - then the issue is either the socket the copper from the socket to either external junction box or master socket in home - at which point your fault is the responsibility of the ISP to handle. If they fail to fix the issue - keep calling and keep complaining. EE are pretty good (now owned by BT) BT are pretty good and sky are reasonable Talk talk, Plus net and other smaller services can be flakey at best, and if it is available i will always recommend virgin over BT Lines. but you need to complain - and inform the technicians of the tests speeds etc, and ask them to monitor for faults on the line. and make sure the engineer when they come out test the connection from the master socket all the way through to the junction box and the exchange. thoroughly. DO NOT Let them fob you off with the oh you need a new router routine... the chances are they have screwed something up at the exchange or the connection at the junction box is most likely to be faulty at this point - or a cable in the ground is broken. But before you do call an engineer out - Test ALL your connections and change ALL cables - if possible test your router by changing that too first, because if they don't find a fault they may charge you - *ISP dependant it took me 4 months of complaints with EE- but before i moved out that property - i have a connection - 73Mbps solid every single time i used it - because i made sure that EE were kept on their toes - and every time there was a fault external of my network - I was getting 3 months free broadband out of them every time...
  8. Metal_Kitty

    Floatplane - streamcast

    Well when it is launched - Hopefully, you can approach Samsung and get the app sorted for their Smart TV's, perhaps as a development branch of floatplane business strategy, The Floatplane app for smart TV's would be an ideal way to help bring Floatplane to the peoples front rooms... and make it more attractive to other "video streaming services" that wish to feature their own stuff to a wider audience, with a device that almost everyone has / will have.
  9. Metal_Kitty

    More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    This is taken from RT.com - https://www.rt.com/usa/414955-intel-processors-meltdown-spectre/ according to a tweet reported on RT - There is an apparent fix out for it for windows machines https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4056892/windows-10-update-kb4056892
  10. Metal_Kitty

    Floatplane - streamcast

    Hi, Just a quick suggestion for the improvement of floatplane, Is it ever going to be possible to stream the media to our Smart TV's for example. I have a samsung ultra 4k TV, and would love to be able to stream the content from my Laptop to the TV without having to have the display connected as a "second screen"
  11. Metal_Kitty

    Floatplane Club as a Plex channel

    very nice... Will be trying this out...
  12. Metal_Kitty

    Looking for a gamepad under $20

    a little more than $20 but... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spectra-Illuminated-Wired-Controller-Officially/dp/B00NQT48OG Actually a really comfortable gamepad with RGB - for a great price! I have one and it works on the PC fine!
  13. Thanks - managed to push an extra 38 Hashes out of my Main 970 and an extra 10 out of my GT 1030 - I am only doing this Because it's fun, and electric isn't an object to me... Soon I will be running a mining rig 24/7 out of a nice Air conditioned room kept at 18 degrees, and on multiple GTX 1080's SO Thanks for the help and a great write up I will get back to you on the Hosted Proxy soon though. Because I need to look at that idea.. but for another reason!!!!
  14. thank you for the tip - i will look at this now!
  15. ok i have a question perhaps you might be able to help me or investigate this yourself? I have A GTX 970 and a GT 1030 (neither of these cards are ideal, however they are producing in total a nice 600 H/s between the pair of them in using XMR-STAK ) I have undervolted the GTX 970 to 85% and overclocked the remaining stats (See image) which has pushed my GTX 970 to 445 ish H/s from 375 H/s average! (ID 0) My GT 1030 Isn't the best GPU in the world but is pushing 141 H/S - i don't expect much more from this however i was wondering if there is a way to increase the performance in any way as I think I have the Max settings possible) Image description - Top left corner - CPU (FX - 8320) OC 4.612 Ghz Bottom Left Corner GPU - 1 (ID 0) and 2 (ID 1) Top Right - After burner Bottom RIght - GPU Config also any tips you have would be great too with this setup of an old repurposed gaming rig... Also the CPU isn't performing properly cos i was playing with settings - I normally have that up at about 450 H/S