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  1. N1tro199

    Is this it? This is life?

    I don't agree. Where I work, the CEO and VP's are working more hours than we are. I get here at 7 and they're already working. I leave at 16h and they are still here. The travel for work and have so many meetings. Yeah it looks like it's a cosy job, but we have no idea how many hours they've put in their work to get there. Don't mixup rich kid youtuber that buys a lambo with hardworking millionaires that got there through blood, sweat and tears.
  2. N1tro199

    Very powerful flashlight?

    Then I would suggest, widest beam possible, to block out most of his vision, and a strobe function. Most ebay flashlight above 15-20k lumens should do the job. They are mostly rechargable and around 50$. They also, usually, have the strobe feature.
  3. N1tro199

    Very powerful flashlight?

    I feel like while distracting the shooter, that would also indicate your position and entice him to shoot you...
  4. Macrium Reflect Home Edition. Free and really nice. You can either image your drive to a storage and then apply it to your new ssd, or boot on rescue media and clone directly. Really easy. I use it a bunch!
  5. N1tro199

    How do you like your coffee?

    I can drink it anyways. Espresso, latte, moka. But I prefer a regular black coffee. If I can't get my hands on it, i'll take anything with cafeine
  6. N1tro199

    Top VPN for google analytics

    I don't condone cheating, but you could look into traffic bots.
  7. N1tro199

    What do you guys do for a living?

    Network Technician for a manufacturing company.
  8. N1tro199

    What's the name of this thing?

    A powersupply! (above the CPU heatsink...) ...Oh you mean that thing Yeah a duct would make sense!
  9. N1tro199

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Toyota Corolla 2018 LE :P
  10. N1tro199

    m.2 ssd key config for motherboard

    Check this link, it explains everything! Here
  11. Well technically, better cooler means the card runs cooler. This can help extend its life. The truth is, these cards are already built to work fine with the cooler designed by the manufacturer. These card might be slightly overclocked which may result in the need of a better cooler. For your cards, one is overclocked around 100mhz more on the core, this will result in better performance, but it depends how much you want it to look good.
  12. N1tro199

    GPU Load Usage Cap

    You can still confirm whether it throttles or not. Using Afterburner you'll see the GPU clock and whether it throttles
  13. N1tro199

    GPU Load Usage Cap

    It looks like it hit a limit where the gpu throttles to prevent damage. I would suggest using a software like afterburner to check wether the GPU is throttle and how the temperature is rising. If it is temperature (which is most likely) you could use a ventilated pad to help the temps. I would go as far as changing the thermal compound (depending on how comfortable and old it is.)
  14. N1tro199

    Could there be a "windows" CPU

    My feeling is that, if we do see this kind of move from let's say Microsoft, then part manufacturer will start to disappear and you will be stuck using the Microsoft processor with the OS. Just like Apple. Windows is compatibility oriented. Ok it's not perfect but you can salvage parts from pretty much everywhere and get away with it. Unlike apple, that if the CPU isn't from the supported list, you're screwed. But I get the point where Microsoft should probably work closer with the CPU manufacturers to optimize the hardware and software relation.