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  1. Yeah, that is my reasoning to for now. But when it really becomes uncomfortable because the heat I will stop until autumn. (I will still fold in the morning since the nights are still cold)
  2. I have solar panels. But that electricity can be used by others. So it doesn't make it really green.
  3. I don't fold during the summer. It produces too much heat. It is affordable for me when it is colder since I don't (or less) have to heat my house. I also think it is bad for the environment to do it. Both of these things or a reason to stop. I will fold a bit more now because of the corona-crisis.
  4. Is see in the F@H stats that there is a spike in points on sundays. Why is that? More people at home that turn on their pcs?
  5. Yes! Getting all the WUs I need! Are they able to keep up? Or am I just lucky?
  6. That is wierd. They say they don't have any GPU WUs?
  7. Yeah me too. Did something like that ever happen on this scale? The non-availability of WUs I mean.
  8. I know this is not a Rosetta@Home thread but it is also about covit-19! They also have so many folders that they are struggling to keep up! Awesome!
  9. Woops; did not look it up lol. We are even more awesome than I thought!
  10. Can't you just point to the stats? We are the biggest team and we have 3x (I think) our numbers the past week!
  11. I had a whole night without any WUs. Today getting them pretty consistent. I guess offering my firstborn was worth it.