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    Goildzy reacted to SaladFingers in Is this real?   
    I made this: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HBnJ4C. It's about $100 higher than your budget but I think it's worth it.
    It's similar to @MVPernula 's build but I swapped the 6-core for a 4-core (makes more sense on a budget build) and also swapped the memory to a kit running at 2400mhz and the PSU to a Gold rated one instead of bronze, because the prices were almost exactly the same so why not? (oh and it has a graphics card as well)
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    Goildzy reacted to tom_w141 in AMD Radeon RX Vega 3DMark Fire Strike Performance   
    LMFAO are you high man?! This makes less sense than your usual posts.
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    Goildzy reacted to Dutch-stoner in AMD Radeon RX Vega 3DMark Fire Strike Performance   
    Need help?
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    Goildzy reacted to grimreeper132 in Amd threadripper package   
    If thats the actual box that you buy it in then I really like it, it looks so fluffy, and protective (the main thing) meaning it's unlikely that the postman who doesn't understand the word "fragile" and "handle with care" and has literally chucked things with those words into my porch, it might mean if I get one it will arrive in one piece
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    Goildzy reacted to Notional in Amd threadripper package   
    Pffft this 80's design looks sooo much better:

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    Goildzy reacted to Dabombinable in Amd threadripper package   
    Still can't believe AMD's managed to play catch-up after having inferior architectures and CPU for nearly a decade. Even with their low R&D budget.
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    Goildzy reacted to 2FA in Amd threadripper package   
    @Sauron is that you?
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    Goildzy reacted to Dash Lambda in Amd threadripper package   
    Can we just sit back for a moment and appreciate the fact that on top of the core count, PCIe lanes, solder, and power efficiency, AMD is even using more expensive packaging than Intel and still charging significantly less?
    Oh, and...
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    Goildzy reacted to Misanthrope in Amd threadripper package   
    -Lisa: I want to send a subtle message to intel.
    -PR team: Say no more fam:

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    Goildzy reacted to LukaH in Amd threadripper package   
    I'm officially slightly more interested in the packaging than the CPU now.
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    Goildzy reacted to Taf the Ghost in Amd threadripper package   
    HEDT is a low-volume part, for sure, but they're used in the "enthusiast" circles quite a lot. And some of us *do* have use for these platforms, so we're really curious. Until 3 weeks from now, your only option is still Intel, as it has been for the last decade.
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    Goildzy reacted to Taf the Ghost in Amd threadripper package   
    With how tight AMD is planning to iterate, it's possible we get AM4+ to get the full features of Zen2, but Zen3 is supposed to be hot on the heels of Zen2. We'll see, as AMD has quite a tight roadmap for the next 4 years.
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    Goildzy got a reaction from Teddy07 in When will the GPU mining craze end   
    Im praying with all of you anti miners! 
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    Goildzy got a reaction from X09 in Need to know if my 980 Strix is DEAD   
    when uninstalling pre drivers try looking in ur registry for left overs
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    Goildzy reacted to Mira Yurizaki in 4k gaming on 60 fps with a cheap processor   
    I like people testing with low end stuff. All of the high end stuff gets samey after a while.
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    Goildzy got a reaction from Elerek in Should I go for Ryzen?   
    Pure gaming focussed upon ur information id say get an i7 k version 4cores over 8threads and oc it a little. Best pick would be 7700k in this case even on ur 1440p. Ryzen 1700 would do too. However prepare for that you will lose a bit of fps compared to 7700k (no drama drop 5-10%) and older games like single threads, so if youre some CSGO fan than i would also go for 7700k or any strong i7 4/8. Since ryzen also has memory related problems, you can stay on your older stuff/setup by going for intel here. I feel that your aiming towards gaming and this is what is the current best situation for that. Unless youre like me and want a better chip like ryzen 1700 at the cost of some fps due of higher frequenty on the 7700k vs all other win claims on ryzens side. Also if you can wait till august or the end of august i bet the prices will be much nicer for you, looool and all of us too! AMD will release threadripper and vega and intel will release the more cored chips. All in this year!
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    Goildzy reacted to Elerek in Should I go for Ryzen?   
    I'd advise against getting the 1700x or 1800x. Get the 1700. Comes with a cooler and has the exact same specs aside from out-of-the-box clock speeds. You can overclock it and get identical performance to a 1800x for half the price and a free cpu cooler at the cost of having to do some bios tinkering for the overclock.
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    Goildzy reacted to woowie in 1700 or 7700K for Gaming?   
    7700k dont listen to all them ryzen boys out there. You can also find coolers easily
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    Goildzy reacted to SpaceGhostC2C in 1700 or 7700K for Gaming?   
    OP, you have to understand that your original question isn't complete. While people may like blanket statements (like "get CPU X to do Y"), not all gaming is created equal: which GPU and which monitor you are going to use matters as well. To a first approximation, you could say the best gaming CPU is the cheapest CPU that allows the GPU you are going to buy/already have to work at its full potential.
    The problem is, you may have the best GPU and therefore get the fastest CPU in most games (it is important to notice that results vary from game to game), and still none will work at 100% because your monitor is 1080p 60Hz. I mean, technically you can get them to 100% by generating 1200 FPS that will never be displayed and enjoy the tear fest, but if the idea is to enjoy the experience then they will be idling a lot  
    So, bottom line: what you need to consider instead is which CPU is the best for the gaming you are going to do, including not just the titles you are going to play, but especially the monitor (i.e., the resolution and refresh rate) you are going to use, and the GPU that you are going to pair it with.
    For example, The Witcher 3 in 1440p 144Hz with a GTX 1080ti will be best served by an overclocked 7700K. But if you are playing the new Doom at 1080p with an RX 470, everythign beyond a 1600 is wasting your money, and probably even that is overkill. Hell, even at 120Hz you are still fine with almost anything  
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    Goildzy reacted to SpaceGhostC2C in 1700 or 7700K for Gaming?   
    That's not how tearing works. Your eyes have nothign to do, as you are not changing the speed of what you show to them: it is still 60 FPS. The only problem is that each frame will be a combination of pieces of different frames, and pushing FPS like crazy will only make it worse, not better.
    It truly seems you haven't read my post. Or maybe you are just not replying to it in this part  
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    Goildzy reacted to SirFlamenco in 1700 or 7700K for Gaming?   
    Another AMD fanboy on damage control 
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    Goildzy reacted to stealth80 in Best 32 GB RAM option for Ryzen?   
    It is the same chip, only xfr isn't present. Like I said, my 1700 clocks just shy of 4.1ghz, 1800x won't do anymore (or very rarely) more than that it isn't worth the extra money 
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    Goildzy reacted to rn8686 in Is this a overkill or not?   
    Dont get the 3Gb 1060, get the 6Gb or 480/580 if you can find one. Also get R5 instead of an i5, much better. But to answer your question, a motherboard can not be overkill. It does not affect performance, but rather the features available. So just get which ever is the cheapest that has all you want. 
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    Goildzy reacted to Legolessed in Is this a overkill or not?   
    Sorry for the late reply. Get a board that has all the features on it that you want but don't go overboard on stuff you don't need. Like you probably don't need 8 ram slots if your using an i5 7500. The msi b250 pcmate looks like a good board and with the extra money you could upgrade something else but I also have to agree with @nerdslayer1 because right now i5's are just really not worth it.
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    Goildzy got a reaction from stealth80 in Best 32 GB RAM option for Ryzen?   
    Wait hold on, i never said its worth the money over a 1700 tho. So yes i would suggest 1700 over 1800x in this case, and any gamer/oc'er who need to pick.