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  1. Goildzy

    Will GPU prices ever go down?

    Yes they are. You don't get marketing. Why you think they just wouldnt build any more factories?
  2. Goildzy

    Will GPU prices ever go down?

    You cant read man. I said nvidia is not gauging the retailers are lol...
  3. Goildzy

    Low FPS on very basic game, why?

    Try mess with some sync options perhaps? Are your other games fine?
  4. Goildzy

    Is SLI worth doing anymore? (opinions)

    Its overrated and supported by just a few set ups. I see a future without dual cards.
  5. Unplug your card. Reset cmos, try replug it. Have you oced your cars before?
  6. Goildzy

    GT 1030 vs GTX 1050 ti vs GTX 2050

    Not for his requirements. Check Jokers game tests on the APU's he used TR and some others like PUBG etc. *That's obv tomb raider not thread ripper...*
  7. Goildzy

    GT 1030 vs GTX 1050 ti vs GTX 2050

    Its simple, are you gonna bend over? I wouldnt.
  8. Goildzy

    Low FPS on very basic game, why?

    Dont do whatthe first guy says.... What is your powerplan in windows and in your nvidia cp
  9. Goildzy

    Will GPU prices ever go down?

    This is why this world is a messed up place. Gj doing the same and screwing people. Im not buying a thing anymore with this ridiculousness, those chips are allready worth crap anyway only a fool would buy em ... Esp at this moment. Keep on going and stay with ur beloved brands who are now raping all of us from behind for no reason! They are a bunch of thieves lol no thanks im not into that. They rather have 1200 instead of my 700 so now they get 0. *Looks at new product getting more expensive as it ages and allready is old tech now* what a world. Atleast Nvidia is pissed of at the retailers....who u all love....and piss on Nvidia.....is always the same 80% trash ppl u see everywhere online lol. Ps: um yes im angry
  10. Goildzy

    Is SLI worth doing anymore? (opinions)

    The question is, was SLI worth it in the past or was crossfire?
  11. Try to use dedicated software no 3rd party manuals reset everything reroll a driver version if needed to, see if they still do it.
  12. Momma always said that life was like boxed world. Yet I managed to open it. Ma was wrong. 

  13. Goildzy


    Default your card. Reinstall older drivers. Retest from there. You edited your clock, think a bit more ther ocing is easier than it was but its still ocing. Everyone uses software ocing (ROFL), but if you find the best temps+performance under a high load (night over 12 hours) its best to just flash its bios. Or else let someone else oc. Oc is a slow process step by step and every chip is different just like cars.
  14. Goildzy

    Is gtx 1060 3gb any good

    Why do people support this price gauging. Gj ! ********* Thats a curse word!
  15. Goildzy

    7700k/ 7600k vs Ryzen

    Love it hehe. Bit late but love it. Whered you find that text in your signature? I love that too man its my rule! People underestimate Ryzen but then again they are just gaming (allknowers) dummies who shout around 80% of em and dunno crap bout anything IT wise but hey yeh. Your story though (as it became one for me) made me lmao. So simple yet so HUGE but if you pack it together its a 10 min search job lol.... Ahum i mean aw youre so harsh!