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    Folding Dem Proteins!
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    I like to make dem cards go brrrt!


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  1. There are more prizes to be added which I will do this evening or tomorrow morning, along with a new blog post. I was hoping to get it done this morning but I awoke late and I have a medical appointment shortly. Thank you for your understanding with this.
  2. I think it is going to be some time until we see these new cards working at their full penitential, even now 2080tis can often end up not being fully utilised due to the fact most WUs are not large enough simulations to fully put them to work. However, once the 30 series has been in the wild for a while it is going to be interesting to see just how much more they can do, as in, we could see simulation sizes balloon like never before, akin to the old and now depreciated big-adv WUs that were released for early high core count CPUs.
  3. WUs are tested on a standard benchmark machine and are given a 'difficulty' based on the length of time it takes for that machine to complete the WU, it is then assigned a points award based on that difficulty level. This means that getting WUs that vary in difficulty and thus in time should not have a major effect on your average points over a protracted length of time, eg over days or a week. This applies to most projects due to the linear nature of most simulations. There are some projects however that due to the type of work they are doing, there is no way to gauge the difficulty of each individual WU, the most recent example of this is the COVID moonshot WUs that due to the very nature of what it is doing (testing many different samples against a given protein to find low binding energies) there is no way to test every permutation of the work. In these cases a representative sample of the WUs is tested and an average used. This mean that the points can vary greatly as the project progresses. The idea is that over longer periods the average should kick in meaning points should be relatively stable. In practice however, we have seen that this isn't the case.
  4. I'm just off to work but I have just updated the sign up sheet.
  5. I've got close to 2M on my very low end 2070 in the past
  6. I have asked @jakkuh_t to try and get a couple. @RILEYISMYNAME @James any chance for some shout outs for the event! Also will be getting back to any DMs sometime this afternoon. Just got some good news about the charity I run but it means I'm going to end up being hammered over the next couple months betweek work, the charity and folding! It's nice to be busy!
  7. The public sign up sheet has just been updated! You can find it in the blog post from Sunday, the link remains unchanged
  8. Sorry for being MIA for the last day or so, ended up having to deal with the doctors... again... Trying to get everything out of the way before the event so hopefully there won't be any surprise trips to the hospital this year! A new blog post will be thrown up this week at some point around work and the like, I'm planning to update the public sheet today before I go to work this evening!
  9. This could still happen.... But it would most probably be a voice channel and no-mic only as I don't want to take away from the forum or the LTT discord.
  10. I will be updating the sheet at some point today before I go to work this evening
  11. When it's been that long since you set up a Linux system you have to google every single thing... GG me 

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    2. GOTSpectrum


      @Den-Fi I don't feel so bad now 

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      try doing a Linux from scratch build, see if you remember how to compile a custom


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      This is a very British reference...


      Computer Says No GIF - ComputerSaysNo No - Discover & Share GIFs

  12. And the first blog post is now live with a link to the current list of sign ups, there's also a little gleam giveaway in that, will be added to the OP too!
  13. GOTSpectrum

    Prelude I

    Well guys, another year another Folding month! It is my pleasure to once again, for the third year, to welcome all to the official folding month of 2020! No matter your experience level, hardware reserves, or willingness to financially back your secret mercenaries, you are all welcome! So far it has to be said that we are a little thin on the ground, with only 152 sign ups, but with a month yet to go before the event commences there is still time for everyone to share the event and to have the numbers rolling in! It has been an amazon year for folding at home, unfortunately, most of this growth comes on the back of the worldwide COVID19 pandemic that continues to ravage most of the planet to different degrees. In many parts of the world we are now seeing the start of a second wave that must surely be the initial signs of a coming hard winter for many communities and healthcare providers. We had an amazing response with folding events this year, with the COVID19 event being our largest by a significant margin and the summer sprint being a little more active than we have seen for other summers. This is one of the reasons many of you are folding right now, and for that I just want to thank you all, for there seems to be no single community that hasn't been touched by this silent, invisible adversary. I think it is safe to say that this year has been a drag on all of us to some degree or another, and I do question if the continued uncertainty has lead to some of these low numbers we are seeing. Can we all make sure to thank our team this year, we have @leadeater in his returning role of data-collection with his scripting wizardry, @marknd59 who has been massively helpful with validating entries, we also have @RollinLower, @j1philli and @ssmmdd hanging around to lend a hand when it's needed and @LandJ who is taking in how the process works to see if he can be of assistance in future events. As usual just a little PSA, we are a small tight-knit community here, so if someone helps you out don't forget to thank them and give them a reaction, Also always remember we fold as a team first and for individual glory second. So be kind, be humble, be human; here at Folding Month 2020! With a month to go until the event we are slowly ramping up, building out the data sheet and working on entries as they roll in, we are still happy to receive any donations of prizes that you may have, so don't forget to have a look at your humble bundles and behind the sofas to see if you have any left over keys! Please click below to check your sign up to see if any notes have been left for you, if you need to get a correction made please do so on the thread linked below. Click Here to view the list of current sign ups! Click Here to go to the corrections thread! Don't forget to check out our Gleam giveaway Here! As you can see, we are all excited to bask in the glorious heat of our GPUs here at Folding month 2020. Happy folding, Spec.