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  1. As the title says i need to upgrade my laptop's ram from 8 to 16gigs but i have no idea what kind or spec ram i need to buy To make them happy about each other i couldnt find the exact adata model so im asking for help what to look for thanks in advance
  2. emre

    G710+ vs G610

    thank you i get it today i loved it but this kinda takes time to adjust from a laptop keyboard
  3. emre

    G710+ vs G610

    So hello friends from all over the interwebs im a student from turkey and kid of on a budget rigth now and all the time For the the dollar turkısh lira exchange rate any online shopping is not a consideration. they are both at 299 tl for now and that is roughly 80 usd i know they have some issues over the past (like broken keycaps from g710 and led sounds from g610) i never used one but they both mx browns so no using difference pls help me pick and get to know what i am going to buy apologies for any disrespectful language and bad england thank you and have a good one ps (i kinda like the way 710 looks but looks doesnt matter in the pcmasterrace and i need the one would give me the long run )