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  1. dual wan setup

    so i won the 2952. the cpu is too weak? its enterprise class? i can still get the d525, 4 giga intel 82583
  2. dual wan setup

    The advantages of draytek is more efficient, Easier to use, and easily handle what speed?
  3. dual wan setup

    Would that d525 cpu have enough power for dual wan?
  4. dual wan setup

    I recently got a 1000mbps plan from another isp B on top of my exisiting 100mbps plan from ISP A. these 2 plans will overlap for at least 1 year. I have ac68u. I have a mini pc with 2 giga port 1037u cpu. currently the 100mpbs goes throught the 4 giga port modem they provided, then to my ac68u. the 1000mbps requires no modem inhouse. How can i use both wlan? Suggestions and options readily available to me are draytek 2925 or 2952, or a 4 giga port mini pc with d525 cpu. what should me setup be? the 2 port 1037u mini pc was first meant to be used as a firewall, using pfscene to block all those adds. I have many ipads and mobiles in the house that cant block ads easily, and im told this is solution. also those hard to block ads from chinese websites. However it is not setup yet.
  5. Sometimes you want to feel how hot those components are, I.e. vrm USB ports, ram, pointy headers, etc or run your fingers along the whole motherboard and graphics cards to feel those sophisticated electronic circuits. Should I close my eyes while touching them?
  6. Why is it talked as much? Or marketed? brief search online shows its possible what advantages and dis ?
  7. Than matx is there not fewer features? What about itx cases? matx generally the cheapeast?
  8. From ac68u to ac86u

    Both of these can stand vertically, which can fit into my small place. im using 68u, with 4 iPads, 5 smartphones, 1 pc, several streaming devices, 3 google home, 2 Chinese ai speaker, and some smart home devices. Some nas would be added later. Only 3 people are in the house. not many intensive bandwidth traffic are running at the same time. Internet speed is not yet a problem. Should 68u handle all these? i.e. When using iPad in my small flat. The signal bar is occasionally weak, and occasionally web pages take 3 click to load, when there is no background traffic. should I upgrade to 86u?
  9. Thank u for the 2016 article. Is it still true in 2018? Did micro usb and lightning cables have this problem in the past? i don’t want to blindly follow buy premium advice. Every industry, everyone adovcates buy premium for your own sake. I just don’t believe and hate that advice in principle.
  10. USB c is the future, so that is the main concern i read briefly that quality usb c cables are only needed when it’s connected to a computer. I already have usb to usb c, usb c to usb c cables from oneplus & pixel 2. I’m sure they can handleeverything However I need more usb c cables for portable and indoor charging. Can I just get any cables? There are so branded and many expensive cables in the market, I.e. 2a, 3a fast charge, fast data transfer... i believe most of them are false advertisements, as it was the case with micro usb in the past? Are bad cables in 2018 really dangerous? what about cheap micro usb, lightning cables? recently I got this cheap 1 split into usb c, micro usb and lightning cable. From the socket, it draws 9w to my pixel 2, 6.3w to my iPad, 14.4w to both pixel 2 & iPad. About 14.4 w when all 3 ports are used.
  11. Psu gaming failure

    Ok, I learned something this psu won’t boot the system at all, while others can. I think it is dead, a common guess, psu capacitors...
  12. Psu gaming failure

    What possible cpu and motherboard problems could there be?
  13. Psu gaming failure

    I have Other psu, gpu, ram
  14. Psu gaming failure

    Scr It went fuzzy. i have tried with other pc components, the psu is the one broken. It’s not a new setup.