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  1. For iPad with only serial number?
  2. 4k60 YT dropping frames

    riser for my gtx 1060, not impressive enough to show....
  3. 4k60 YT dropping frames

    Not sure if this is a gpu problem I have u2879vf 4k monitor that supports 4k60 i like to play youtube videos at max resolution they allow, also playing at 2x speed. When i play 4k60 videos, it can stutter, but still very smooth. last time i had 4k60 playing at 2.5x speed. ryzen 1700x usage is 58%, didnt check my gtx 1060 6g, internet is 100mbps. which hardware is the problem
  4. Suddenly no signal, need to replug hdmi

    now its 388.13 dont they automatically update?
  5. It happened many times before with various different gtx 1060. I always thought system crashed and reboot the machine. Only last time, i repluged the hdmi cable, signal is detected again. The windows im using have some system corruptions, still bootable. the no signal screen hasnt happened recently. I only had 20+ chrome tabs opened, 4k yt playing, some folders opened, and other small programs. nothing my 1700x & 16gb ram cant handle. I still need to use this windows for some time.. what could be the problem?
  6. Are all sodimm ddr3l? Im confused, as my nas claims it only support ddr3l. is that sodimm, the smaller ram? what other names are there?
  7. You can see the trap dirt after use. It has been missing for a long time. Do those loose fabric cling on my clothes instead? I air dry clothes. should i get a filter bag?
  8. wobbly noisy fan & warranty

    ok, used msi afterburner the 1st time. 100% fan speed, no noise, im so baffled
  9. wobbly noisy fan & warranty

    I use furmark to test. how do I test the card for 30 min, burn in?
  10. PSU Tier List Updated

    Acbel is not on the list. If those not mentioned are that bad. will you add a section for them?
  11. wobbly noisy fan & warranty

    now the fan has aligned itself somehow and no longer making noise, after i reseated the card. Its still wobbly when its still. Somehow its not wobbly when it spins. if its wobbly, but no noise. they wont repair??
  12. good aio 360 420

    too bad the tt software rgb control is unrefined. if they had keyboards, mouse, and other rgb, i think they may price things at corsair level.
  13. good aio 360 420

    H150 is faux rgb, only the pump has rgb. Unlike floe equipped with riing plus fans. Corsair has the most diverse rgb products. The synchronisation of all of them will give huge satisfaction once you get there. But they mark up the price so much, you don’t want to get there. H150 is just plain bad. It’s only comparable if it comes with LL /ML rgb fans. The cooling performance is low as well. i have ryzen 1700x. It already handles all tasks with ease. Aio is purely aesthetics for me. sidenote, razer became a plc recently. They’re losing money. Stocks is on a down trend. Corsair I’d love to see them on an exchange and see how much money they make.
  14. wobbly noisy fan & warranty

    u broke it?
  15. check graphics card bios