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  1. What's the difference between the aw3418dw and aw3420dw? Is the sw3420 just newer?
  2. i only use 1 for pc gaming and there only 24inch so would probs only go for 34inch ultra wide
  3. What a about the LG 34GK950F?
  4. I'd be using it for gaming and photo editing so prefure it to be colour accurate, medium refresh rate and a low ms response time
  5. As long as its got a decent refresh rate and its very colour accurate then I'm happy seen the.. ASUS Designo Curved MX34VQ LG 34UC98-W ACER PREDATOR Z35P 35
  6. Havnt really got a price bracket but don't want to be spending thousands on just a monitor. Would prefure a vesa mount
  7. Looking at buying a 1440p ultra wide monitor for gaming. I currently have 2 monitors. One for xbox gaming and one for pc but iv been playing PC alot more and will keep doing so. Need some help with which 1440p ultrawide monitor to get due to there been so many out there. (picture is of my current sett up)
  8. When he takes a s reen shot all the colours go inverted etc
  9. But it says it got loads of vram left to be used
  10. A Samsung 24inch curved one not too sure on the modle but seems like this problem is happening alot
  11. Iv got a recording just can't post it because it's to hight MB iv got a screen shot
  12. Was taken stood still all settings on max
  13. So my friend has call of duty on his pc and the graphics settings are all maxed out. Floors walls characters and guns all look flat and blury
  14. Updated drivers through device manager and issue still happens.