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  1. No cell phone payment history isnt on your credit report, unless your account goes into collections. They dont put positive phone/utility payments on credit reports only negative information like collections
  2. So for the most part, in all cases of borrowing money to pay for something will report to a credit report (experian, transunion or equifax). So when you finance through dell, you really would finance through Dell Financial Services (DFS) which is a separate company owned by dell. They would report this to your credit report as a loan or revolver (not sure exactly how dell does it). The more things reported to your credit report, the more your credit report is considered thicker. A credit score is a good indicator but isnt the only factor in making a lending decision. For example someone with a credit score of 700 and has 1 car loan and 2 credit cards for 5 years, would probably have a better chance at approval versus someone who has a 780 credit score and only 1 credit card for 1 year. because there is more history to them. I dont think i even answered what you are looking for, but if you look for a website called myfico (they make the FICO scoring model), theres a lot of info on credit and financing and all the things that can be learned about. As someone who holds a BSB finance and works for a bank in the underwriting department. credit is complicated good thing, but always know what your getting yourself into and never go beyond your means. I always recommend that someone who is 18 and has consistant income should get a small credit card or loan like through dell to start building their credit. Credit i believe is something that needs to be taught more in schools, so that consumers can save money and understand how to get some good rates. also theres still some predatory shit out there (like best buy financing) that i believe shouldn't be out there and can catch people by surprise. as a side note as i reread your question. Interest rate only affects how much you pay, having a higher or lower interest rate will not affect the credit score itself.
  3. personally id step up to at least a 1070TI or a 1080TI if you are going to upgrade that graphics card, which imo is a better choice over the CPU, unless you are doing content creation things or streaming. Nvidia has 1070s (for $399) and 1070TI for ($449) in stock right now and have been in stock
  4. My favorite part of the lg g3 is the screen and then the fact the buttons are on the back on the phone. It would be new and exciting
  5. I really like the build quality of the M8. Biggest reason I still have an iPhone was build quality. Android plus a phone with build quality and andriod 4.2+ is the best type of phone
  6. I would defently just go with a single 240gb, its still a 10x performance boost over a regular hard drive
  7. Recently I thought the 7870 performs just as well as the 660ti do to the catalyst 12.11 update but I am not to sure
  8. Right now I have a gtx 260 1.8gb that is working along with my Core i5 but recently I have had a ton of issues, ranging from games crashing (starcraft and battlefield), to me not being able to play the crysis alpha, and it is time for me to upgrade so I can throw this card across the room. Currently my budget is allowing for up to $300 and Im still not 100% sure what to get, whether GTX 660ti, HD7870 or something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.