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  1. Looks good so far! Are you gonna have glass across the top?
  2. thanks for the mention! Depending on how you approach the desk build, it can be expensive or cheap. I am lucky cause i have access to a lot of scrap metal and pieces. I also h ad a welder and im not afraid to mess up (as long as you take the time to fix any mess ups) If you need any help or have questions, please let me know!
  3. Will have another update soon... done moving, just have to clean garage and then can start again. Also got a new 3d printer!
  4. I'm working on my own desk and have bargin hunted for my parts. I'm in US, but most parts I've got for mine I've purchased or traded for atleast 60% original price. cant wait to see more. Check out my build if you get a chance!
  5. the clear will also more than likely have RGB lighting. I like the looks of the top one myself, looks awesome with the board.
  6. i know the feeling of moving, I am currently doing the same thing! Cannot wait to see more