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Generic Apple Hater

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    HELP! I'm stuck in the south!
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  • CPU
    Some intel xeon e5 8 core thing
  • Motherboard
    Craigslist Supermicro Motherboard!
  • RAM
    24 GB Server Ram
  • GPU
    Gtx 1060 6GB
  • Case
    250D airflow edtion w/ no side panels!
  • Storage
    512gb Sandisk ssd (30% health)
  • PSU
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    Some crap dell thing 20"!
  • Cooling
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    HP In box keyboard :(
  • Mouse
    Some logitech PS/2 Mouse from 1998
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  1. I am in the US, anything from web browsing to coding to running VMs, my workload is very varied. 13-15 is fine.
  2. Have you tried the NVME one in another system, It could be DOA and could be holding down the system.
  3. Yeah, This also happens to me, It only seems to happen in AAA games.
  4. Yeah, I don't actually HATE macs, I just strongly dislike the hardware, macOS is nice.
  5. That HDD is your problem. Something that old will CHUG under windows 10. Windows 10 is mostly optimized for SSDs, not Ancient 80GB HDDs.
  6. Hello! I am wondering what I should get for my next laptop (my trusty laptop just died). I am looking for a thin and light ultra book. I like the razer blade stealth, but I have heard razer build quality is abysmal. Budget is $900 and screen size is 15" max. Thanks!
  7. Damn, I am currently using a crappy "gaming laptop" because of a flood that killed my last system. I may build a 1000 system and wait until threadripper.
  8. Yes, 6000 All out, Ultrawide preferably. 4k is just too much.
  9. So, I have a $6000 usd Budget for my new pc. I wanted to go 1080ti sli, but was wondering of a 7700k would work, I wouldn't mind overclocking, I just don't want to go x99 because x299 will come out later this year.
  10. The way I would overclock on this is, Set the voltage to 1.3625 if you have a decent cooler, and increase the multiplier by 4 and stress test the cpu, do this until it crashes, and go back to GHz before the crash.
  11. I built a system a few months ago and was wondering if i should upgrade? The CPU to GPU Power Ratio seems off to the more experienced computer builder in me. Specs: R7 1700X, GTX 1060 6G, 16 GB Ram