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  1. TBF i am waiting for a all black version!
  2. Awesome guys, i am downloading Xampp now and ill look at Sublime Text 2/3 an Atom Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am currently learning PHP and Javascript for a university project. i am just wondering what applications do you guys use to develop the code. eg for html notepad++. and how do you test the code? as PHP is server side scripting. is there a local application i can use to test in on the local machine?
  4. I love the style and the ability to enable wireless charging and a SD card!
  5. Hi Guys I just brought a 3ds, just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or confirm if i am able to put old GBA and DS games on it through a R4 or some other method
  6. Love the build quality, wish it had wireless charging and didn't have the branding bar on the front, otherwise it would;d be perfect!
  7. Iv voted for both, however there is a lot of gaming channels out their so my priority is on the toys
  8. I love the look of this case but cant justify the price.
  9. Yep its all correctly configured, even if the sound is muted static fuzz is sill outputted.
  10. Ahhhh bummer to happen on ur first build, Recheck all the PSU cables are fully pushed in, push them in again a bit harder to double check. only other things i can think of is check ur ram is fully pushed in and the CPU is fitted properly with the triangle on the right corner.
  11. it is set as default output, and the hissing is louder then what you would normally have from toomuch gain
  12. Hi Guys, Iv been using a D2x Soundcard for the past 6 months, i decided to get rid of it and go back to using my on board sound. However i have discovered that the onboard sound no longer works and just gives out a constant hissing noise, i didnt think anything of it and just carried on using my sound card. I have now found out its effecting the front ports aswell as the back. Any ideas what the problem is? using a Z77 Sabertooth Device is set to default output. Bios is fully updated All drivers installed.
  13. MAN! I got a nexus 7 2013! I would have loved a 8" tablet!
  14. ooo this could help with my dissertation. Linus your job is essentially education as you educate people about technology and Youtube enables this method. (I myself have learned almost everything i know from you guys and its actually because of you i got my Job as a IT Technician at a University, so thanks for that!) What do you think of Video Media as a education platform? Would you still be doing something similar if it wasn't for YouTube? Eg Website, forums? I know its not totally the type of question you want but its similar! Thanks