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  1. I'm thinking of building an HTPC and connecting 4 PS4 controllers simultaneously. On my current PC, I have the Asus PCE-AC55BT which has Bluetooth. With 1 controller connected there's no lag whatsoever, but when multiple controllers are connected I start noticing some lag and packet loss, nothing too intrusive but it's definitely noticeable which means I can't play anything competitive like Rocket League unless I disconnect all the other controllers (R.I.P split screen). Anyways, since I'll be using the Fractal Design Node 202, I won't have space for a PCI adapter which means I'll have to use a USB. Which one should I get? (I'm currently considering this one.) And how different will the experience be? I won't be using the controllers more than a couple of meters away.
  2. The problem I have is that when connected to the motherboard, the ring on the Wraith Prism cooler doesn't seem to sync with the motherboard lights and the CM MB520 case fans. The only way to control the ring is by connecting the cooler to the motherboard via the USB header which means I will lose sync to the motherboard and case fans since the CM program doesn't seem to detect the fans as a "CM product" but the fans work fine when connected to the motherboard via RGB header. What can I do to sync The ring, the CPU fan, the motherboard (preferably), the case fans, and an RGB strip in the future? Will a CM RGB controller do? And will all the required cables be provided? And lastly, will I be able to control them via software? Also, can I just connect all these devices to an RGB controller and connect it to the motherboard RGB header? If so, I can control them all using the Aura Sync software. I assume the only problem with that would be that effects will treat all the things connected to the controller as one device which means I can't do effects like wave Notes: -The motherboard only has 2 RGB headers. -The fan RGB works fine and in sync with the rest of the system, It's just the ring around it that won't sync with the system. Parts Motherboard: Asus b350-f Gaming https://www.amazon.com/ROG-B350-F-GAMING-DisplayPort-Motherboard/dp/B071SGQP1Q/ref=sr_1_1?crid=30319OXH1U4HJ&keywords=asus+b350+gaming&qid=1549636668&sprefix=asus+b350+gamin%2Caps%2C375&sr=8-1 Case: Cooler Master MB520 https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-MCB-B520-KGNN-RGB-showmanship-Transparent/dp/B07H57N8SK/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=mb520&qid=1549637200&sr=8-2 CPU: Ryzen 2700x https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Ryzen-Processor-Wraith-Cooler/dp/B07B428M7F/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=ryzen+2700x&qid=1549637277&sr=8-3 tell me if this is the wrong forum please
  3. Hi, I have this program that can make your monitor look like "3d" by tracking your head with the Wii controller and sensor. However, when downloading the program that allows me to do that, it simply doesn't want to start on (windows 10 x64 professional). At first, I had no idea how to get it working, but (i think) I managed to narrow down the issue to the fact that the program targets (.net framework 2.0), while obviously, I have (.net framework 4.7), I tried enabling .net framework 2.0 in control panel, but that didn't work either. I tried windows 8 too, but the problem reoccurs. In the README.txt it says that he used the program on Windows XP sp2 with (.net framework 2). I don't know much about coding but the program runs on C# (also not sure). I would really love to get this program working since I want to use it as my science fair project, I don't have any windows XP devices so I can't really test the program. Here is a link to the Johnny Lee's website(the creator) that has the download link to the Wii head tracking program: http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/ You can see the video on the website on how it works, it's really cool that this program was created almost 10 years ago, I would really love to get it working. Any help would be appreciated. If someone managed to get it working by changing the code, please link a google docs file P.S. Here's a link to the direct download link: http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/WiiDesktopVR_v02.zip P.P.S. If I posted this in the wrong category, please say so.
  4. Cool n quiet removes my oc...
  5. Yeah, up until recently I've been thinking that longer antennas mean longer ranges, but I found out that it doesn't always mean better range when I switched out the small antenna on my PCIe wifi card for a bigger one, which in turn gave me weaker signals. So, remember kids, size doesn't matter . As for your USB, make sure that you get a proper one, I've had a bad history with USB wifi adapters, get one that 1.Isn't cheap 2.Has good reviews I've had my fair share of bad wifi USB adapters, so unless you won't be gaming and not really looking for reliability, follow my advice and u should be fine. As for the range, don't worry about it, USB wifi adapters have a surprisingly far range, my USB that had no antennas actually had better range than my PCIe card that had an antenna.
  6. Before overclocking my CPU to a stable 3.6GHz, I noticed that my clock speeds used to go down when I'm not doing much on the pc, but ever since I overclocked it, it stopped doing that. And since I have a Ryzen 5 1400, I cant make it so that when the pc is idle, the clock speed goes down(or can I?, I haven't really looked into a way of making my CPU do that). So my question is, is having my CPU at 3.6GHz(with no load) waste more electricity than having it auto-underclock when idle but with lower clock speeds? Cuz ever since I overclocked my CPU I have been reluctant to download something overnight and waste electricity.
  7. Thanks for your reply! We decided to go with a 2400G(i was dumb enough to think it isn't released yet), and ditched the gpu for 16 gb ram and an ssd, and decided he'll save up for a baby gtx 1060... Thanks for your recommendation We didn't go with your r3 recommendation cuz he wanted more cores for light editing/streaming
  8. I put together this pc part list on Amazon for a friend of mine who has a budget of ~800$. 106$ will go for a case (that's how decent cases are priced where I'm from, unfortunately) and ~80$ will go for Amazon shipping (also a lot but what can I do...we don't have a lot of attention to PC's and stuff where I'm from) which leaves me with 694$ for parts, I want to squeeze as much fps/dollar as I can for him so he can have money for games and stuff, I managed to put together a build that costs 659$ (without shipping, link and part names below), I was wondering if any1 could come up with an intel equivelant or maybe other parts that i can save up with that has better performance for the around same price, as long as the final price stays under the 700$ price point (but he can propably squeeze in 25$ to 35$) and has international shipping. Also, please add a motherboard if you're gonna recommend an Intel CPU. Any help is appreciated don't want him to order the PC and later find out that he could've saved 20 bucks on the Power Supply for the same/better performance. I kinda have bad English so just in case you didn't understand what I want, I want pc parts either for the same price(or under ~730$,) but better performance or lower price for same performance (both would be great). Note: The PSU just has to have black wires. Link to parts: http://a.co/8o2Y6ae Parts: WD Blue 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 48.89$ PNY GTX 1050ti (single fan) 210$ Ryzen 5 1500x 160$ Corsair CX 550w Non-Modular 50$ Gigabyte GA AB350 Gaming 3 101$ Ballistix Sport LT 8GB ddr4 2400 MT/s 87.5$
  9. As an amateur gamer, I come across many vids on youtube about esports and “greatest moments of *blank*” and I wish I witnessed it live. Anyways, my question is how can I stay up to date and get notifications of when games start or results of matches or when team x beats team y in a game or something...what apps, channels(including twitch), programs etc. do I download to stay up to date to these stuff… Is there like an app that does that? (giving me match timings and results of my favorite games…) Games I like: League of legends CS GO Overwatch Dota Rocket league Cod and maybe a lil bit of racing games
  10. Hi, this is my first time overclocking a CPU, I hope I am not doing anything wrong here, but I managed to work my way up to 3.5ghz on my Ryzen 5 1400 (so far, I'm planning to go even higher) on 1.275 V, I ran aida64 stability test and I faced no thermal throttling at 70/69c and no instability issues (I've ran the test for around 4 hours but I'm planning on a longer session), So I just want to know whether or not 70c is safe or not and if 1.275 V is too high and whether or not this is a good overclock in general. One more thing, does setting the core voltage or whatever its called to "Auto" make the motherboard automatically choose the best voltage for the clocks I set? P.S. The motherboard I'm using is the MSI tomahawk arctic b350 P.P.S. The cooler I'm using is a Cryorig C7, its a 100w tdp cooler that is designed for itx builds which I chose because it matches the esthetics of my build
  11. I'm sorry if I misplaced this topic in the forums I'm 16 and I live in Bahrain (middle east if u dunno where that is)...my whole life I loved technology and Id experiment on whatever I can get my hands on...but now since I'm 16 I grew even more curious and I started building pc's wich I really love doing, not much of a pc but it does the job...anyways since I'm 16 I should make the decision pretty soon on what I want to study in college...I have no experience in coding or programming whatsoever but I really want to learn...I have basic software knowledge and a pretty good knowledge in pc hardware...anyways I really want to either study IT or Computer science but I don't know what jobs I can work on either of these and if the paycheck would be good or not...I really want to work in cyber security but as I said...I'm not sure what exactly they do...or if it pays well or not... What can I study + work that has to do with what I like to do and what I'm interested in?...I'm lost and I seriously need help since I don't know any experts in any of the above...and where I can start on learning on how to code... P.S. I forgot to mention this but I have really good marks...we don't use the A/A+/A- system unfortunately P.P.S. I live gaming too btw I really don't know what else to say or include...but tell me if there is anything I should have mentioned that I didn't... I would deeply appreciate any help you guys can provide <3
  12. Abdyas2510

    cheap mechanical keyboard

    There is the Motospeed Inflictor CK104...fully mechanical (blue switch) with full rgb full sized too https://www.gearbest.com/keyboards/pp_298471.html I ordered this exact keyboard from the exact website...should arrive soon... UPDATE: The keyboard arrived and its amazing, the lights are bright and doesn't feel cheap at all, would recommend.
  13. Abdyas2510

    what mobo for fx series processors

    Really? Cuz I use a 970a-g43 Mobo and a gtx 660 and an fx6350 and 8gb of ram and I never had any problem with thermals including mobo and hdd...and I use only one case fan as an exhaust...maybe just switch out the motherboard... P.S. I use a cryorig h7 as cpu cooler...but when I used to use the stock cooler I didn't have that many problems with thermals...try either buying a better cooler or maybe a simple thermal paste will fix it
  14. Just like the title says...Ryzen 3 or Intel G4560 for gaming? I saw a jayz2cents vid saying that team blue is better...but a couple cpu comparing websites state otherwise...so I just want to be sure...will be paired with a 1050ti and 8gb of ram
  15. Abdyas2510

    Ssd, Gpu, or Cpu?

    Yeah i meant ddr4...typo...