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  1. I think the beard looks good on him but I think he can take it a step further: For just a beard look:
  2. What exactly is meant by Right to Repair? If it is under warranty, the manufacturer will repair it for free. If its not under warranty, you are free to do whatever you want with it. No company is stopping you from repairing your device What Louis Rossmann wants is that manufacturers release the schematic of the pcb and diagnostic software and possibly supply parts. I totally disagree with supply of parts. A manufacturer decides how much of a part to manufacture. They should not be forced to manufacture old parts instead of making parts for new devices. Another way is forcing manufacturers to release the ip of the parts so third parties can manufacture them. I also disagree with forcing somebody to release ip. Another thing is third parties illegally manufacturing parts. That should also be illegal. Now we come to schematic. I am not sure if this falls under ip but without access to the original parts, people like Louis Rossmann can only make substandard repairs. And as I said before I diagree with forcing manufactures to provide parts to third parties. And the last is access to diagnostic software. Again without access to original parts, there is very little you can do with diagnosing a problem. You cant to anything to fix the problem. So it all boils down to manufacturers providing access to original parts to third parties, which I disagree to.
  3. I also have Version 79.0.309.71 This is the result I am getting. could you please post a screenshot of your result
  4. https://www.netflix.com/watch/80018710?trackId=200257859 Can anyone run this test pattern and check if they are getting 1080p please? I have tried everything but am simply not getting 1080p. I am only getting 720p. But I do get 1080p in the Netflix App, so its not my internet connection.
  5. but it does support jumplist then??? why is he saying it does not support jumplist?
  6. I am running Version 79.0.309.68 (Official build) (64-bit) I tested with Sex Education season 2 which plays at 1080p in the netflix app no problem. I have 100mbps connection. Let me check if it gets to 1080p after a while.
  7. Netflix is not running at 1080p for me. Can anyone else check if Netflix is 1080p for them. You can check resolution by pressing ctrl+alt+shift+d while playing a video.
  8. The screen size will have same width as 4.7 inch screen, just taller
  9. I have a x264 video clip in mp4 format. I want to cut a small part from it. But I cannot do it because the key frames are too far apart. How do I change it into a format that does not have key frames, so I can cut it exactly where I want?