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  1. I have had a few different builds of custom NAS builds previously but they were using either an old Xeon, or an old i5, and I really didn't like how much it was increasing my monthly power bill. I had just been using windows 10 pro. So for the time being I installed 2x 12tb drives in my main and have just been using that until I figured out a different solution. My main use for this will just be an archive for my games library, movie library, and misc files so I don't have to redownload anything over my slow internet connection. The only other thing I plan on using this NAS for is setting up a PLEX server. So for a while I have been looking into a low power NAS alternative to a synology or something similar, that's easy to repair/upgrade with standard parts. I did a lot of searching for the right parts. I had settled on either a super low end ryzen/am4 Athlon or an embedded intel solution. I ended up going with the embedded intel simply because it was cheaper. Paired it with a 128gb boot ssd, 2x4gb ddr3, and a couple pcie sata expansion cards. - https://www.newegg.com/asrock-d1800m-micro-atx/p/N82E16813157514 Another thing I had been hitting a road block with was the case, I wanted something somewhat small, but with 3-4x 5.25 bays for hot swap drive bays/backplanes. also wanted internal bays. I really like the Fractal XL R2 but it was way out of the price range of what I was hoping to spend. ended up just getting a cheap case on sale on Newegg that had a decent number of bays all-round. Something else I have been looking into is what OS I was going to install on it. I had looked into unraid, xpenology, freenas, and various distros of Linux. for the most part the main problem I kept running into with these OS's was having to wipe data clean off of existing drives, I really didn't want to deal with that. In the back of my mind I also had been thinking about in the future if I wanted to upgrade the NAS hardware, I didn't want to deal with any issues with the operating systems, raid configs, etc. and the possibility of losing the data on the drives. For ease of upgradability, and instantly being able to use it, I decided to just use Windows 10 Pro again. I will have to do a little bit of juggling of the data, but nowhere near the trouble if I had to completely start fresh on fresh drives. I haven't fully set up plex yet, but I'm currently in the process of moving my movie library to the NAS. As far as local/remote desktop use, the dual core Pentium is painful, but using network drives is perfect. After I get plex set up I'll update this with how it performs transcoding, I may have to buy a single slot Quadro or gt 1030 or something. I'm not going to have a crazy number of streams, just me, and maybe a friend or two. The cable management looks worse in the pictures than it does in person, I will probably work on it more. Just have a couple drives in it for the time being, will be transplanting one of the 12tb drives after the movie library is finished moving. They're currently striped and I want to keep one of them in my main. Compared to a synology, there's a lot more freedom with this, in regards to upgrading, and such. Got most of the parts on ebay, ended up spending around $300, with the low power draw, expandability, and as long as it can handle a couple plex streams this is perfect.
  2. yeah, the point of my og post was that the actual readings from the wall aren't as high as we're lead to believe... get a wall meter or a ups, you will probably be surprised your system probably isn't drawing as much power as you think.
  3. yeah, that's what im saying, its crazy, according to the display, not only my pc, but my entire setup only pulls like 450W under load.... from the wall....
  4. I just got a UPS, and it has a display to see power consumption and other things. I've always thought my pc was pulling a ton of power from the wall according to power supply calculators online, well under load I was surprised it doesn't even hit 500W, with 2x hdd's, 3x ssd's, 4x 120mm fans, the highest I've seen it hit is like 450ish watts, but that also includes my monitor, 2.1 speakers, and a 5 port gigabit network switch (and an alarm clock but that probably pulls like 1W). just very surprised it pulls half of what any psu calc online says it pulls under load. idling it pulls around 130W.
  5. get a better screen, a 6700k and a 1070 is a great combo. if you haven't overclocked your cpu, overclock it, cooler permitting. its pretty easy to get 4.8ghz on a 6700k, helped a friend overclock his to 4.8 with a 360 clc, another friend got up to 4.6 on a hyper 212 evo… 4.7 was a little hotter than he liked but it would have worked. 6700k's are great.
  6. if you do anything just get a better gpu, but as your pc is it should be able to play it just fine. probably not maxed settings but you should be able to play. I've seen some good deals on 1660's, if you got one of those and still wanted more performance id say a 2600 would be a good deal. I doubt a 3000 series chip will work in your b350 board, a 2600 or 2700 would still give you a great experience. id throw a cheap second ssd in to make it a bit snappier loading.
  7. Thanks! yeah not quite done yet, gona add more to the rear side panel. also probably going to paint the 680 gold, and do some paint touch ups here and there. Before I buy rgb strips I'm going to try swapping the front fans from the exterior to the interior to see if they light it up a bit better. Other than that ill probably add a wifi card and then put it up for sale. Not going to do cable extensions though. I think it would make cable management messier behind the motherboard tray. And I think the standard multicolored cables kinda go with the theme anyway. side note, I really like the cheap cases that have decent cable management like this. other than the excess molex and sata cables from the non-modular psu, its pretty straightforward if you try. just not hot on the side mount ssd thing on the top of the hdd cage
  8. I know ltt runs by advertising everything, but I remember a video where they hit it with a baseball bat and threw it around and did a bunch of extreme stuff, maybe since I cant find it it was another youtuber, anyway, just want to best reduce the chance of the note 10 breaking by dropping it.
  9. still feel like adding something to the back panel, probably not going to do the psycho on the cover, but ive got a few ideas I've been thinking about.
  10. I know how to use a search function, not what I was asking, thanks though.
  11. I remember like a year or so ago, ltt doing a video about a specific phone case, at least I think it was ltt… anyway, I cant remember what phone case it was, was it dbrand? I cant find the video, but I thought they drop tested it and banged it around and stuff. just curious what specific case it was, I just upgraded to an s10, wanted to get a case for it. edit: note 10, not s10
  12. not done yet, plan on doing another layer on the logo, and putting a giant gold vault symbol on it before starting on the psycho and guns, only part im waiting on as far as functionality is the motherboard, should show up within the next week. decided to make the psu look like eridium, haven't quite decided on the GPU its a blower 680, so will be easy to paint, just gotta decide. im thinking about making it look like a weapon chest, even though it wont be very visible in use.
  13. Thanks! ...they've used a psycho on the cover of each game lol... no, I will be making a stencil of the borderlands 3 symbol, and making the side panels look similar to the cover art, the front panel has a window, so the rear panel, I might buy a sticker of the psycho or something, but I will probably just paint/draw the psycho by hand. plan on throwing some vault symbols and cracks/scratches here and there too. got parts in the mail for the minimum recommended specs, (i5-3570 gtx 680) plan on painting them all to the theme too, not sure exactly how/what im going to do yet with them, but like I said would love ideas. I've looked up performance benchmarks for those specs, and I think minimum could be a lot lower, but I was surprised how cheap everything was, get really good performance for a little over $250.
  14. I think a good case to mod into claptrap would be that itx phanteks case that's like a squared off trash can
  15. had a chemical reaction with red and blue on the side panels, so having to redo those, but this is the progress I've gotten on the chassis and front panel.