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    I like potatoes
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    32gb 2400
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    gtx 1080ti sc
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    nano s
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    512gb m.2, 12tb hdd, 2x1tb ssds
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    850w G+
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  1. TechBruhE

    Ultraviolet service ending soon

    yeah, except at any point apple can remove movies from their library, including yours. there was some buzz about that a few months ago.
  2. TechBruhE

    Ultraviolet service ending soon

    I used it back in the day to convert all existing dvd's of mine, and my family's' to digital copies and synced them with my digital accounts, and sold the dvd's that were mine. so yeah I have a few thousand movies to backup locally.
  3. TechBruhE

    Ultraviolet service ending soon

    I just got home from work and checked my email, sadly it appears ultraviolet will be no more. I've bought my entire movie/tv library for the past 10+ years digitally, because of ultraviolet. It was a form of backup if a digital distribution went out of business I could just use ultraviolet to go elsewhere, well now that's fudged. I haven't seen any news articles about it yet but I know its not spam because its on ultraviolets front page. Just very disappointed. going to have to create a local digital back up.
  4. TechBruhE

    Was there no WAN show yesterday?

    leaks aside, just curious, this is the first wan show I've missed in quite a while, what were the subjects they talked about, jokes said, etc.? basically tldr of last nights wan show?
  5. TechBruhE

    AMD and AM4, how long?

    am5? or am4+? or fm3?
  6. wow thanks, don't know why that wasn't showing up with my filtered searches
  7. thanks, but im asking about something denser than a total of 14x 3.5 bays eatx/atx compatible
  8. rack mount cases aren't necessarily out of the question either. as long as they're around the same price or cheaper than the xl r2
  9. Looking for a good case for a home server. There really isn't a lot I've been able to find, older youtube videos feature some really dense nas cases, but it seems they've all been discontinued. the most dense I can find is a fractal xl r2, 8x 3.5 bays, and 4x 5.25 bays. there are cheaper cases with the same bay count, just not compatible with larger atx/eatx motherboards. I'm aware of the r5/r6. 4x 5.25 bays can be converted to 6x hot swap 3.5 bays, which is what I've been looking into, before I buy the xl r2 just curious if anyone was aware of currently still sold/produced cases that have denser storage capacity?
  10. TechBruhE

    New builder, want to make sure if build is fine

    also doubt the 3g 1060 will last 5 years, more than likely you will want to upgrade that before 5 years is up.
  11. TechBruhE

    New builder, want to make sure if build is fine

    I might suggest you can get a 3tb hdd for $50, and you should be able to get a 500gb ssd for around the price your paying for that 250gb ssd.
  12. TechBruhE

    Asus Strix X99 RMA problem

    that was the replacement board.... im sending the replacement back for a second replacement...
  13. TechBruhE

    Asus Strix X99 RMA problem

    yeah I've had other brands before, didn't like msi, ended up getting a gigabyte/aorus gaming 5 & an 8086k, once I get a working strix back I will sell the 5930k. I tried getting an asrock x99 board from ebay, didn't want to overclock past 4ghz, tried a gigabyte, same thing, didn't want to get to 4.7 on the 5930k. and the aorus board isn't much for overclocking either, pretty sure the 8086k should be a decent overclocker since they're binned 8700k's so yeah probably going to replace the gaming 5 with a better oc board.
  14. TechBruhE

    Asus Strix X99 RMA problem

    I don't know, I was watching an ltt video, so the system wasn't even stressed, it turned itself off and on, when it came on it was a black screen that said system updating bios do not turn off, then after like 5 seconds it turned itself off and on again, did it again a few times, then it just bricked itself.
  15. TechBruhE

    Asus Strix X99 RMA problem

    I got it back, it worked for a couple hours before boot looping into an auto bios update that failed repeatedly, before turning itself off and not turning back on at all. I'm sending it back again, hoping to get a functional one in return.